Battle of Conquistadores vs. Apprentices of Caiaphus

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Battle of Conquistadores vs. Apprentices of Caiaphus
Unknown arc


150,080 CMT


Malchior IV


Original Universe


Conquistadores Guild


Apprentices of Caiaphus

Caged Ones

Faction Goals

Rescue Klak and find the Verdant Testament

Rescue The Norman and assist the Conquistadores

Kill Zev, capture Klak and The Norman, and leave Malchior IV

Attack Zev/Unknown


Some unknown Conquistadores

Some unknown Apprentices


Caiaphus captures The Norman and Klak, and Treveya betrays him so he captures her too. The shades are nearly exterminated. Nadle goes rogue and a few Apprentices and Conquistadores die. Malchiorian security is doubled.


'Twas the epic battle that was slightly sucked into a plothole...

It started technically when Klak fought Nadle. Zev and his boys arrived later on to help. Why the Malchior military didn't show up is unknown.

Anyways, there were several other combatants on side conflicts, including the Caged Ones, who appeared partway through to attack Zev.

There was no outright winner, as the Conquistadores left, but Caiaphus accomplished his goal of capturing the Norman and Klak.

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