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Treveya was a female apprentice of Caiaphus who was cast out of the order for her feelings for Zev Raregroove. After fighting alongside Klak, Zev and TMV on the faraway planet she was abandoned on, she turned away from the shadows, choosing to use her powers for good instead.


Treveya was rash, hot-headed and stubborn, leading Akzer to think that she was unfit to lead apprentices in enemy assaults. Despite this, she led the Apprentices in battle on one occasion, alongside the Agrippa. She was always eager to test her combat skills, one of the main reasons she entered a fighting tournament on a space station, but was quick to anger when beaten. Despite this stubbornness, she was not above friendship, and was proud to call Klak and his group her friends, even though she was more reserved about her feelings for Zev. The bravest act of her life came when she jumped in the way of an energy blast fired by Set, preserving Ynot's life at the cost of her own.


Apprentices of Caiaphus[edit]

An unknown period of time after being inducted into the Apprentices of Caiaphus, Treveya was sorted into a group led by Akzer. The ex-Pirate Lord disapproved of her placement on the team, as he thought that she was too rash and impulsive to make calculated decisions. Despite this, she led the Apprentices to battle outside Darkmount alongside the Agrippa.

She was sent to help Klak in many battles. Over time, she became enamoured with Zev Raregroove, and became one of the highest ranking Apprentices in the order. However, after a battle on the Mata Nui II revealed to her Caiaphus's true desires for the universe, she slowly began to turn from the ways of the shadows. Finally, in the Battle of Conquistadores v. Apprentices of Caiaphus, her feelings were revealed to her dark master. She was thus branded a traitor, and became an enemy of her former comrades, causing her to be captured by them and abandoned on a faraway planet. Fortunately for her, this planet was home to the Yellow Powers, a force that Klak, Zev, D-Klak, Nadle, and TMV happened to be fighting at the same time. She joined them in the battle, killing many enemy warriors, and left the planet with her newfound friends.

Later life[edit]

Much later, Treveya and the Norman were captured by Blackout, for the sole purpose of annoying Klak. She was freed for a while but was then captured by him again.

MakutaKlak, the User, later freed her from this constant kidnapping. She was sent to a space station to reunite with her friends, and entered a fighting tournament there. After defeating Vexen, she faced Malygos, who proved a worthy opponent.

Treveya was then possessed by an unknown entity when she requested its help. This entity turned out to be Caiaphus. Gladly, she was rescued by Klak.

She fought alongside Klak in the Battle of Krustallos, the Shima battle, and the Second Battle of Impel Down. Sadly, the latter battle took her life. She sought combat to prove her skills, and prove them she did.

Treveya's stubbornness was what got her there in the first place. She sacrificed herself to stop Set from killing Ynot and Namine. She left this world for the next. Her funeral was on Malchior IV, and Klak wept a great deal.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Elemental Powers[edit]

  • Darkness Creation - Treveya could create artificial shadows or fire blasts of shadow energy through her hands and weapons.
  • Darkness Control - Treveya had complete control over darkness and shadow energy, and could cause them to move across areas previously illuminated by light.
  • Darkness Absorption - Treveya could absorb certain amounts of shadow into her body, which became stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Shadow Nova Blast - If she had to, Treveya could have released all of her elemental energy in the form of a shadow nova blast, which would have been an explosion of shadow energy large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city.

Mask Powers[edit]

  • Enhanced Stealth - When Treveya's Kanohi Huna was activated, her movements were silenced and her body became invisible to all but the most observant. However, she still cast a shadow.


  • Blackout really hated her for some reason. Nobody knows why, and DRJ and Klak have since decided to deem this one of the RPG's great unanswered questions.