Battle of Omega Supreme

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Battle of Omega Supreme
Part of the New World Order arc


150,082 CMT


Omega Supreme


Original Universe



Von Nebula




Zev Raregroove

Faction Goals

Take control of Omega Supreme and eliminate anyone who gets in his way.

Protect Omega Supreme from all parties.

Mess with Blackout's master plan by finding and killing Klak.

Stop Blackout from taking control of Omega Supreme by any means necessary.

Defend himself and his crew from the ZFT attacks in orbit, and find out what's going on.

Protect the Ironclad.




The Battle of Omega Supreme occurred when Blackout and his allies went to recover one of the Moon-Ships left over from the Uterio War: Omega Supreme. Upon landing there they found that it was still occupied by Uterio loyalists, so a battle between the two factions ensued. During the fight, a ZFT blockade was established around the Moon-Ship to defend it from any other parties who would like to get involved... like the crew of the Ironclad, for example.

The Battle on Land[edit]

It began when the robot patrol surrounded Blackout's Dreadnought as the Makuta exited the ship, and demanded that they identify themselves. Blackout responded by telling them to run, so the robots raised their weapons. Corroder was hit with a ball of shadow energy from Blackout's hand, and knocked against a wall. He retaliated by firing his Meteor Blaster back at him, but Blackout took the bullet and unbalanced the robot with eclipse beams before teleporting behind him and throwing him into a group of his allies. Meanwhile, the other Makuta were destroying the robots in various ways. Thunder and XPlode then appeared and the former charged at Blackout and Bonecrusher, but they stepped aside so he hit a wall head-on.

SMK boasted to XPlode about killing his Shattered Mirror counterpart too, before stabbing his scythe into the robot's brain. Barricade, Bonecrusher and Brawl used various powers to attack Thunder: Barricade pulled out a large gun and hit Thunder with blasts of red energy, Bonecrusher used his elasticity power to punch him from across the courtyard, and Brawl snuck up behind him to stab him with his Wolverine-like claws. Meltdown and Rotor arrived as backup, and SMK noted the ridiculousness of the situation. Rotor began shooting at the Makuta, but was promptly obliterated by a blast formed from their combined shadow powers. Bonecrusher charged at Meltdown while the robot sprayed the floor with toxic waste, but it had no effect, so the Makuta sent him flying. Meltdown tried to get back up after landing, but Barricade gunned him down. Von Nebula chose that moment to step out of the shadows and reveal himself as the leader of the robots. Blackout revealed to him the shocking truth that Uterio was dead, but Nebula would not accept it, instead accusing him of lying and knocking him off his feet with a gravity blast.

Blackout angrily got to his feet, teleported behind him, and repelled him into the other Makuta. There they played "catch" with Nebula, but with their feet instead of hands, and their repulsion Kraata power instead of throws. When Nebula landed on solid ground, Brawl fired a barrage of eclipse blasts at him, but they were absorbed by a black hole created by Nebula's staff before they could hit their target. SMK forced Nebula to drop his staff by twisting his hand. Before he could get it back, SMK activated it, and it (rather ironically) sucked Nebula into a black hole. SMK closed the black hole and threw the staff away as the group progressed to the doors of the Moon-Ship's control center. Another robot was about to attack them, but was impaled by a spear of ice formed by SM Trantoshen, who reintroduced himself and summoned SMADVD to keep the robots busy. Blackout accessed the door panel to the control center, and it gave him a riddle to solve.

Unnoticed by all thanks to their ship's cloaking systems, Caiaphus, Keichi, Quick Billy and Treskis managed to sneak around the raging battle in orbit to touch down on the Moon-Ship's surface. Unluckily for them, they became visible to another squad of its robot guardians as soon as they left the ship. Caiaphus used his powers to obliterate several robots while Quick Billy shot another in the face, but for every one they destroyed, two more appeared. Growing frustrated, Caiaphus blew most of them away by altering gravity and told the others to follow him except for Quick Billy, who he told to stay with the ship with some other crewmembers. Caiaphus and co. arrived at the control center a few minutes later, whom Blackout gave a lucid welcome to. Starscream appeared fresh from slapping Ynot on board the Ironclad (see below) and offered his assistance by creating two iron spears and shooting them at Keichi. Blackout joined in by firing eclipse beams at Caiaphus, but he just teleported next to him instead and asked him how he's been. Keichi dodged the spears and shot at Starscream, but Starscream blocked the attack with his newfound power of Iron, levitating pieces of metal to form a shield in front of him. He then formed the metal into a ball around Keichi, who rolled away inside. Klak suddenly dropped out of the sky and crash-landed in front of the group, greeting Blackout and Caiaphus. The Makuta attacked Klak while the pirates attacked the Makuta, but Blackout was busy entering the word "UTERIO" into the keypad of the control center's door lock. It was correct, and the door slid open to let them enter. The first thing Blackout did once inside was to activate an energy cage around Caiaphus, rendering him helpless. His pirates admitted defeat and ran back to their ship, rocketing away from Omega Supreme as fast as they could. Klak and Caiaphus had a much needed catching up while Blackout took control of Omega Supreme behind them. The Makuta Anima then appeared in powered-up forms and went to attack Blackout, but they were intercepted by his allies and a couple of giant purple tanks he had just gained control of.

The Battle in Space[edit]

While the surface battle had been going on, several ZFT ships commanded by Starscream and BlackZarak had formed a blockade around the Moon-Ship in case a third party tried to get involved. The Ironclad showed up almost immediately, and Zarak hailed the ship, but only to tell its crew to bugger off or else. After the transmission, Starscream informed him that he had just threatened the Lord General's top two enemies: Makuta Ynot and Zev Raregroove. Zarak panicked and ordered all his ships to open fire. The crew of the Ironclad countered the missiles with missiles of their own, following up by firing the BFG cannon at BlackZarak's ship. The blast bounced off the ZFT's Gravimetric Defence Grid. Seeing that launching more missiles would be a silly idea, Zarak decided to deploy the other fighters to attack the Ironclad instead. Suddenly, the In Amber-Clad emerged from a shimmering, golden fold in the fabric of space. With it came six other ships, three of which were blown to bits in the crossfire. Back on the Ironclad, Ynot thanked Zev for summoning reinforcements, and shot down several ships by taking manual control of the BFG. After a few more kills he decided to switch to the Slayer Canon instead. Unfortunately, before he got the chance to fire it, Starscream's ship hit the Ironclad with an EMP blast that completely knocked out its systems.

Now with something to do, the rest of its crew sprung into action and proceeded to try and get the power back on and barriers up. By this point, all of the In Amber-Clad's allied ships had been destroyed, so the flagship rallied round the Ironclad to protect it. To make things even more interesting, the Malchiorian Fleet stole the moment to drop out of orbit and unload its arsenal into the ZFT forces in a surprise attack. Several of the fighters in Starscream's squadron were destroyed. Upon learning that BlackZarak was then working for the ZFT, Aster told Kakamu and Trantoshen to follow her in their X-Wings to take down the ZFT's lead ship and end this. On the way there, Kakamu noticed Starscream and engaged him in a one-on-one dogfight, leaving only his son and Aster to take down the lead ship. The Ironclad's power came back online, and Ynot was able to beam Blade, Kami, Kaze, Sreda and Xeno on board to help them.

More ZFT fighters are destroyed by the In Amber-Clad. Kakamu gains the upper hand in his dogfight and destroys Starscream's ship, though the Makuta ejects out of it at the last minute and lands on Klak's X-Wing, shapeshifting his hand into a buzzsaw and cutting through its nose. Aster and Trantoshen concentrated their fire on BlackZarak's ship, and it received enough damage to create an opening for them to board the ship in the form of the hangar bay. Outside, Klak opens the cockpit of his ship to fight Starscream one-on-one. This is quickly interrupted, courtesy of a long metal claw which extended from the Ironclad to grab Starscream. Before it could, he teleported to the ship's bridge and whacked Ynot across the face with his staff, as well as Force-pushing Kaze. Meanwhile, Aster and Trantoshen cleared out the hangar bay of BlackZarak's ship, picked up some weapons and headed for that ship's bridge. Starscream disappeared again before Ynot could seriously injure him, reappearing on Omega Supreme's surface (see above). Xeno occupied himself by manning the Slayer Canon and making some more ZFT ships go kaboom.

Klak's eyes suddenly glowed red and he started ranting about Caiaphus, so he flew away from the battle and to the control center on the surface. Trantoshen blasted the ceiling of Zarak's ship, causing debris to rain down on enemies, but blocking the path to the bridge. However, Zarak appeared behind them instead and engaged them in combat. The Ironclad proceeded to threaten the crew of Zarak's ship with destruction, but Aster managed to contact them with her communicator and order them to hold their fire because they were still on the ship. Ynot responded with a sentence along the lines of "lol who the heck are you". As soon as Aster said she was with Klak, her and Trantoshen were beamed aboard the Ironclad. Kakamu and Rainn destroyed some more of the remaining ZFT ships. Aster then proceeded to be quite rude, to Ynot had her teleported onto one of the Malchiorian frigates, and the Anima decided to teleport to the surface because the others had the space battle pretty much covered.

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