Battle of Shinobi-Nui

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Battle of Shinobi-Nui
Part of the New World Order arc


150,082 CMT




Original Universe


Toa Idiotas




Energized Protodermis Entity

Faction Goals

Defend his homeland and prove himself to Ynot in the process.

Defend his homeland.

Conquer the whole of Aqua Magna via Shinobi-Nui, the last populated landmass on the planet.

Test Ynot's abilities.

Kill everyone.


Shinobi-Nui defended, Blade leveled up.


The Battle of Shinobi Nui took place during the New World Order arc, after the Battle of Omega Supreme. It began after an argument between Ynot and Blade ended in Ynot saying that the Idiotas can take the full responsibility of defending Shinobi-Nui instead of Ynot doing so silently like he had been for years. Immediately after the first of Ynot's defenses were turned off, the ZFT attacked, led by Orion Pax.

After a hard fought battle between the Idiotas and the ZFT, Blade was sent into the volcano and remained there for a while, seemingly dead. His decent into what later turned out to be a vat of Energized Protodermis caused the volcano to erupt. With Blade seemingly dead, Ynot took action, throwing Plasma shields over the inhabitants and their dwellings, shielding them from the lava.

Pax took this opportunity to attack the Cabana directly, and severely paid for it, resulting in the ZFT retreating, and Blade erupting from the volcano reborn as Blade Glitchin, and grounding Pax's ship. Then the Energized Protodermis Entity showed up. Stil fuming about being ignored WAY back when, and still on his mission to eradicate anyone not part of the Legion. So, for the first time in recent history, Ynot did something no one thought possible. He ran. Then he shot the EPE with a Storm Flame Arrow, and caught some in a trap.

Ultron says hi, Ynot sends the EPE that escaped its trap to the past, when it originally showed up. Escalating fighting moves. Threats, threats not registering. Bye!.

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