Battle between Ryoko and Hina

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Conflict between Hina and Ryoko
Part of The Pandorica Opens arc


150,080 CMT


Dark Ocean Planet


Original Universe

  • All of the mecha

Both the Mikigami and Tsukitaka receive extensive damage, so Hina decides to retreat. The Mikigami is collected by Tsunami-fune in case Ryoko wants to repair it and use it again in the future.


A conflict between Hina and Ryoko occurred on the "Dark Ocean Planet" when Ryoko went there to battle Hina, an officer of the Galactic Government.

Most of the battle was fought in mechs: Ryoko's was the Mikigami, a mech that she found lying on the seabed, and Hina's was the Tsukitaka.


Once the crew of Tsunami-fune (Washu, Ryoko, Zev, and Namah) had completed their business at the Kamabakka Kingdom, Washu set a course for the "Dark Ocean Planet". The reason why was not made clear - but Ryoko was very eager to descend to its surface and seemed as if she was expecting to find Hina there. Thus, we can assume that Washu flew Ryoko there so that she could do battle with Hina.


Upon arriving at the "Dark Ocean Planet", Washu flew Tsunami-fune towards the surface, stopping at about a kilometer above one of the planet's landmasses. From there, Ryoko teleported out, changing into her red and black bodysuit, and began to descend. Her arrival was detected by the security systems that had been installed on the planet, causing several large spires to rise up and deploy mecha to intercept the enemy. A group of six charged at Ryoko, but she swept them away with a telekinetic blast and destroyed several more with a charged blast of energy.

When Ryoko had defeated all the mecha, Hina's personal mech, the Tsukitaka, rose from the ground. Speaking from her mech, Hina acknowledged Ryoko and asked if she had brought friends. Ryoko replied that she did, but added that she didn't need them because she could handle Hina on her own. Hina decided to test that theory by opening portals around herself, which cannons then protruded from and fired at Ryoko. Ryoko managed to dodge the cannon blasts, but was caught in the resulting shockwave and knocked into the sea. Hina prepared to fire into the sea to finish Ryoko off, but was surprised when Ryoko resurfaced, this time in control of a mech of her own that she found on the seabed: the Mikigami. In response to this, Hina initiated the Tsukitaka's Combat Shell's Second Phase, which shifted the mech's armor to reveal a new weapon that she then began charging up. Ryoko began desperately pressing random buttons in the hope that she could activate the Mikigami's weaponry, and was pleasantly surprised when a projectile that resembled a chainsaw-tread launched from the mech and deflected Hina's attack.

No longer satisfied with only fighting via energy attacks, Hina and Ryoko leaped at each other in their mechs and engaged in a physical brawl. The Tsukitaka caught the Mikigami in a lasso-like manoeuvre and threw it into a nearby artificial hill. Ryoko sidesweeped the Tsukitaka, causing some damage; in response, Hina fired a volley of lasers at Ryoko. Ryoko countered this attack by launching more of her chainsaw-treads at the laser cannons, destroying them and slashing up the Tsukitaka's arms.

Now that the Tsukitaka was severely damaged, Hina decided to activate its subspace retreat protocol, which opened an escape portal for her to retreat into. Ryoko tried to prevent her escape, but was unsuccessful, so she exited the Mikigami and went to look for Ryo-Ohki instead. Meanwhile, Tsunami-fune picked up the Mikigami with a tractor beam. Once Ryo-Ohki had been found, she and Ryoko left the planet with Tsunami-fune.