Battle of Malchior IV

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Commanders: Klak (Rebel)
Perseus (Rebel)
Praepositus (GB)
Aeturnus (GB)
Rebel Goal: Destroy/fend off Praepositus's forces.
GB Goal: Force Malchior IV to surrender.
Rebel Forces An unspecified number of Malchiorian soldiers, turrets and ships, a Toa Team led by Perseus
GB Forces: Praepositus's flagship, a number of single-manned fighter ships and human soldiers, an assortment of alien species originally part of Uterio's personal army.

The Battle of Malchior IV was the second major on-screen battle of the Uterio War.

The battle began when Uterio ordered Praepositus and his army to attack a major city on Malchior IV, a planet home to the Rebel Alliance, who were opposed to Uterio and the Great Beings' plans. As the enemy ships were approaching orbit, Klak sent out orders to nearby Malchiorians to man battle stations and set up anti-aircraft turrets in the short time he had to prepare.

Upon entering the atmosphere, some of the single-manned ships got in the line of fire to protect the flagship, which was in an arrow formation with several other ships flown by some of his trusted commanders. The ships in the center of the formation were flying past the anti-aircraft turrets successfully on course six miles south of the battle site. Before Praepositus's ship could get there, Klak used his Crast to repel himself from the ground and land on it, causing Praepositus to spin his ship around to try and shake him off. While this was happening, the human ordered his surrounding ships to land at the specified location and set up a bunker on the ground from which to assemble a radio transmitter. They did so, and after the radio transmitter was set up they used it to send out a signal to call for reinforcements. Many Malchiorian troops charged towards the bunker, and exchanged fire with the human soldiers defending it. Meanwhile in the air, Klak used his power over gravity to start to crush the hull of the ship, forcing Praepositus to land it roughly into the ground nearby.

Reinforcements for both sides arrived quickly, and bombs were dropped on the anti-aircraft turrets, destroying some. Klak rolls onto the ground, spraining his leg, and limps towards Praepositus's still-skidding ship while muttering how much of a fool he is for only attacking one part of the planet, which itself is very large. Praepositus's ship slides into a large tunnel, which is pursued by Klak. At this point, both commanders have been drawn away from the battle, leaving their forces to obliterate each other on land and in space.

Inside the cavern, an injured Praepositus is rescued from his crashed ship by a mysterious girl named Toph. Klak catches up with the two and warns the girl not to trust Praepositus. Meanwhile, some of Praepositus's reinforcement ships are going to land on the cavern as that was the last place he was seen - however if they do, the ceiling will cave in and they will all be killed. Klak holds his keyblade to the general's throat to persuade him to contact the ships and command them to land somewhere else, but Praepositus is willing to sacrifice himself to bury his enemy. Before the dispute can be settled, Praepositus's reinforcements notice the tunnel entrance, and land next to it, instead deciding to send in troops to rescue their commander. Klak uses him as a human shield against the enemy soldiers, and his leg gets shot.

Outside, Perseus has escaped from Uterio and landed on the planet with six Toa to aid Klak in the battle. Unfortunately for them the Great Beings' invasion force has also received backup in the form of Aeturnus' army.

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