The Pandorica Opens (arc)

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The Pandorica Opens is the twelth arc of BZPB, preceded by Shadows Rising and followed by The Uterio War.

Blackout arrives at the location of the Pandorica and sacrifices Starscream's armour to open it. The device is activated by Blackout's Exo-Toa, and it travels through every universe except the main one to destroy all the Bara Magnas. The fabric of reality is weakened as a result, and the laws of physics begin to degrade. The fourth wall is broken too often to count, and most of the main cast return to in the Internet Dimension (NOT the User World, this is the actual internet that we know and love to hate), and team up with the alternate versions of themselves living there. A whole lot of BZPower Battling occured.

Towards the end of this arc, the universe stopped degrading because everyone forgot it was supposed to, thus creating a massive plothole which saved the universe.


  • This story arc began during the Wiki Period and ended in the BZPB topic on several months later.

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