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Original Universe
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An approximate map of the most important locations in the Original Universe
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This article is about the universe often mistakenly referred to as the "BZPB Multiverse". For the reality that houses the Original Universe and many other universes, see BZPB Multiverse.

The Original Universe was where most of the original BZPB RPG was set, as well as its sequel story, The Mazkertis Paradox. It was created by The Users in Year 0 CMT, who formed it out of hundreds of different universes, including both copyrighted universes and worlds that they had previously created themselves. It was a chaotic place to live in, but remained the favoured universe of the Users until the Reckoning came about.

Because the Original Universe was created by combining hundreds of different universes into one, it was referred to as a "multiverse" for a while, until it was found that the definition of multiverse was ill-fitting of the Original Universe ("multiverse" is defined as a reality that contains many different universes, not a reality that is created from many different universes). Because of this, the phrase "BZPB Multiverse" now refers to a realm more befitting of the term "multiverse", that contains the Original Universe and many other universes that have appeared in BZPB canon.

Once the OU was created, science did its job in creating a large number of alternate universes that stem off from the OU, some of which can be found in the template below.


For a full timeline of the Original Universe, see here.

Notable States/Empires[edit]

Notable Groups[edit]

Notable Inhabitants[edit]

For the full list of OU natives, see the category.

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