Shattered Mirror Universe

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Shattered Mirror Universe

The Shattered Mirror Universe is a universe where many characters were created differently. It is named after the famous device that was used by its inhabitants to cross over into the OU.

Here, Kakamu led the Brotherhood of Makuta, Ynot was the treacherous second-in-command, and Zev Raregroove is an evil genius with a love for tying people to traintracks. In addition, this universe's Klak was killed by Caiaphus (who trained Ta'harok).

Sick of enduring thousands of years of war, a Great Being named Okk created a device called the Shattered Mirror, which he intended to be used as a vessel to transport people to another reality. It was destroyed following a huge battle shortly after its arrival in the OU, but their leader Trantoshen escaped back through it into the Shattered Mirror Universe. He spent a year building another Shattered Mirror, which he sent into the OU after completing it. The Invasion through the Shattered Mirror II followed, and ended with the ship being smashed into the ground by Blackout and Weapon X activating on its underside, which decimated the battleground and shorted out the SMII's power systems. As a result, the SMU is now completely cut off from the OU, resulting in many of its former inhabitants being trapped there.


Note: Years in the timeline of the SMU are designated in "CSMT", which stands for "Common Shattered Mirror Time".

Year 0[edit]

  • The Shattered Mirror Universe is created. It is unknown when this was in relation to the OU's creation, but it was sometime between 0 CMT and 625 CMT.

Unknown Year (75 CMT)[edit]

Unknown Year (625 CMT)[edit]

  • Caiaphus arrives in the Shattered Mirror Universe after being exiled by his people.

Notable Locations[edit]

  • Aluic-3
  • Bota Magna
  • Ilum
  • Matoran Universe
  • Tybion

Notable Inhabitants[edit]

For the full list of Shattered Mirror Universe natives, see the category.

  • Kakamu (Formerly, left to the OU)
  • Blackout (Formerly, left to the OU)
  • Ynot (Formerly, left to the OU and killed)
  • Ta'harok (Formerly, left to the OU and killed)
  • Ta'harix (Formerly, left to the OU and killed)
  • Zev Raregroove (Formerly, left to the OU)
  • Uteria
  • Shroom (Formerly, left to the OU)
  • TBS (Formerly, left to the OU)


  • The SMU was the first major alternate universe to be introduced in BZPB, which is also why it has spawned the most alternate characters.