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The subject of this article appeared in posts or stories that have since been lost in server crashes.
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The subject of this article appeared in content that was lost in the Great Dataclysm or subsequent server crashes. However, the events of those posts and stories are still considered canon and should be added regardless. Add what you remember!
Formal Name
Toa Master of Elite Vehicles,
Toa MoE Vehicles,
"Spirit of Light" (Toa of Light?)
Artroe & Arty (brothers)
Home Reality

The Toa Master of Elite Vehicles, (Toa MoE Vehicles), but always shortened to TMV, is a freelancing warrior. TMV is a powerful spirit of light, though he can channel many dark powers (such as summoning the underworld and the dead, an example of this is Tarturus). After his controller went AWOL, TMV was trapped in the UG, which is where he presumably remains to this day.


TMV is an energetic character that has grown in intelligence over his time as Zev's second in command. Despite his cheeriness, he can be a cruel soul at times, having lived through many battles at witnessing the destruction of most of his family. Now after facing the battles of Judoon and Darkmount, as well as many other minor fights, he is not afraid of losing his or a friend's life. He considers himself Zev's equal but knows he is perhaps a greater force than Zev.


He often roamed the universe with two companions, his brother Artroe and a warrior called Velt. He believed the rest of his family to be dead, until the appearance of Arty. They all disappeared some time ago, and found themselves in the Void and then the UG, the place where forgotten characters go. In said Void, they met Deoxys and a number of other Pokemon, who had been sent there by Blackout. Hilarity was said to ensue.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

While most of TMV's light powers seemed to come naturally to him, he often used "Six Rings" when using some of his other abilities. The significance of these rings are unknown.

  • Light Manipulation - Being a "spirit of light", TMV had complete command over the element of light. He used this power to turn into an invincible light form, create holograms, and do other god-moddy things.
  • Underworld Connection - TMV apparently had a connection to the "underworld", a plane of existence that contained demons and ghouls (note: may or may not be the same as Hell). Through this connection he could summon demonic beings like Tarturus to fight for him.
  • Dark Magic - Despite being a spirit of light, TMV had access to an array of dark powers including shadow energy and raising the dead.
  • Sonic Whistling - TMV's whistles were powerful enough to serve as a kind of sonic attack that rivalled the blasts created by Toa of Sonics.


  • "Hello zevvy boy long time no see."