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The Makuta Anima are a special group of Makuta lead by Makuta Ynot. This group of Makuta does not possess Shadow powers, but instead, a unique element to each member.


Members of the Makuta Anima include the following:

  • Ynot: Leader and most powerful of the group
  • Sasuken: Team Pilot and second in command
  • Hokagetsu: Martial Artist and comedic relief
  • Asumaru: Strong man and usually has the "gung-ho' approach to situations
  • Trixitin: Team Sorcerer and usually the deciding vote in situations where Ynot is away
  • Kurenitsu: Illusionist and voice of reason on the team

Honorary members[edit]

Honorary members are those that work closely with the Anima, but are not actual members of the team. These include:


  • The majority of the Anima's names are based off characters or aspects from the anime/manga Naruto.
  • The name of the Anima was originally supposed to be a play on Anime, like the members' names', but Ynot later learned the definition of the word, and, thinking it fit, left it the same.
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