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Claws of the Phoenix
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The Claws of the Phoenix is an organization founded by Klak on Lotcas in response to threats such as HYDRA, Malygos, Blackout, and Mazkertis. It contains a select few heroes of various worlds, each with their own range of powers or abilities.


The first thing they did was lure Mazkertis to Quolas's fortress using an ancient artefact with the intention of stopping him before he could damage the time stream. Despite their best efforts, they failed, and the wizard escaped to fight another day. However, they did manage to ally themselves with the Matoran in White Suits.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • In the Dark Universe, the Claws of the Phoenix was founded much earlier and grew into a large organization over time. Its purpose was unknown, but it was likely not an attempt at keeping the peace. Strike Destiny was a high-ranking member, and took over the Claws after Klak's apparent death.


  • Seran Dol-Abi was considered for a role in the Claws, but Kon decided to leave him out because it had too many of his own characters in it already.