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Yon's muscular appearance when affected by Eruka's magic mushrooms.
(Picture drawn by a 4chan user)
Flintlock pistol
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Yon was a rogue Terugan criminal on the run from the Terugan authorities. He eventually became the leader of the Dong Squad, but was killed by Tommy Wiseau on their second official mission.


He won Lan's ship in a bet many years ago when he decided to leave his world and go and make money among the stars.

After encountering Deathsaurus, Yon accidentally drove into the Shattered Mirror Universe. He was ambushed by the Ta'har and held captive, but Vorahk-Kah broke him and many of his crewmates out.

After escaping and flying about some more, he was catapulted into yet another universe, the BZPower universe, where he learned that his life was a lie. This drove him mad, but his mind was healed by the Architect, wiping the memories of his ordeal. He later escaped and tried to steal the Keruvim from Trantoshen, but instead fell through a plothole. He later escaped through that too.

Afterwards, Yon went to his Shattered Mirror counterpart's lair, and revived him.

After travelling to Atuar Sadiares with his counterpart, Yon was abducted by energy spheres controlled by the Wiki Metru Admins. He was then kept prisoner on the Wiki Metru Planet until he was rescued by Muta. After somehow ending up on an icy planet and fighting Serecio's robots, he was captured by The Visitor at Blackout's orders and thrown in The Dungeon, where he was confronted by Shockwave.

Shockwave reminded Yon that his life was indeed a lie. Filled with rage at learning this again, he decided to ally with the ZFT. During his time with the ZFT he unlocked his hidden power given to him by The Architect, which was eyebeams. While testing his newfound ability, he discovered the secret of the Dark Knights.

He later escaped from the clutches of the ZFT to start his own business on the Stouttish Islands, a fast-food restaurant called "McYonalds". He lived this life for quite some time, until he was found by a pirate working for Ozar, who recruited him into a band of mercenaries with one mission: infiltrate Supermax 429 and return with a prisoner. This band of mercenaries included himself, Ozar, Deathsaurus, Raigen, Randolph, Lalli Cain, Fourteen, Eruka, Aluren, Al-Hassi and Osseron Tyrok. During their mission Yon became familiar with his close combat and stealth abilities again after his island retreat, but this did not prepare him for a mental intrusion by Mazkertis, one of the more deadly prisoners on board.

During the mission, Yon broke into an armoury and gained a lot of muscle due to an unforeseen physical reaction to Eruka's mushrooms. He also tried to get into a car but failed as it was already being driven by the Car Guard, and fought the prison's warden, Jesse Ventura. After successfully beating Ventura and escaping from the prison in Fourteen's ship with Tiff Ramson, Yon witnessed Lalli Cain shoot Ramson and throw him into the sea, escaping via a jetpack. Yon earned himself a free drink by making a lame pun about the betrayal, and fashioned a card containing his EyePhone number to give to Ozar in case the pirate-lord ever required his assistance again.

He joined the remaining mercenaries at a pub on Liquid Metallicon for drinks, but was teleported back to the Stouttish Islands by User Kon almost immediately. This was because BONES had chosen the Terugan to lead his Dong Squad of joke characters to prevent the HAPPENING! from happening.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Limited Radioactive Immunity - Yon's only natural power was the immunity to cosmic radiation, which he shared with the rest of his species. However, if he was trapped in an area with extremely high levels of lethal radiation for an extended period of time, he would die.
  • Optic Blasts - The Architect bestowed this power upon Yon for... some reason (to be added when this mess of a page gets rewritten).
  • Telecommunication - A special chip was planted into Yon's head that enabled him to telepathically communicate with all other members of his team.


  • Yon has had many memes made about him, including the hilariously funny Yon Jokes.
  • Yon has his own Facebook page.
  • He grew a moustache once.