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Lord Zrintch
A red lightsaber
A large spaceship
Home Reality

Lord Zrintch is a Sith Lord from the Dark Mirror Universe and the leader of The Cooperative. Unknown to the Dong Squad, he is secretly allied with Mazkertis.


Zrintch is covered in vibrant lime-green fur, though most of it is covered by the black robes he wears. He has blunt red, glowing eyes, and wears a large hood over his head. He breathes heavily and speaks with a low, raspy voice.


Most of Zrintch's origins are unknown, but he at one point encountered Mazkertis in their home universe and decided to ally himself with him.

Later, Zrintch travelled to the Original Universe and joined the Cooperative, an organization that he later became the leader of. One of his actions as leader was to liberate the homeworld of the Ayy-Lmaliums, which had been taken over by Greys. They allowed him to intervene on the fact he was considered a legendary Sith Lord, having never lost a galactic battle. Lord Zrintch's forces were able to nullify the self-replicator defence drones with the help of a Cooperative Maker (a device that rearranges molecules and allows one to make virtually anything). Zrintch and the Cooperative forces annihilated the rest of the Greys, who were ruled to be genocided from Spaghetti World.

Not too long ago, Zrintch discovered Skelly Bones' drifting essence, and gave him a new body in return for his services. This included taking a ship to the Stouttish Islands and forming the Dong Squad, which would later assist Zrintch and his forces in inciting a civil war on Teruga Prime. After the formation of the team and their arrival on the planet, Zrintch and his fleet descended on Teruga Prime to swiftly eliminate all the ZFT forces around the Spire of Conquest. They were met with resistance and a mighty battle ensued. After the Dong Squad had completed their mission by destroying the Spire and reclaiming the Travel Glove, Lord Zrintch's fleet left the planet with BONES's ship and warped away.