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Formal Name
Lan Calris
Cal (Father)
Ris (Mother)
Atuar Sadiares' Administration
Home Reality

Lan Calris is a blue-skinned, cape-wearing Terugan and the administrator of the space station Atuar Sadiares. He was an old friend of Yon until he sold him out to the Terugan government.


Early Life[edit]

Lan and Yon first met in high school and formed an unlikely friendship, what with Yon being an anti-authoritarian hobbyist, and Lan being an aspiring entrepreneur. Although they remained friends for many years, Lan did not approve of Yon's rogue-like behaviour and constantly wondered whether he should report him to the police. After finishing high school, Lan lost contact with Yon, and so decided that he was no longer his problem.

Atuar Sadiares[edit]

Over a hundred years later however, Lan and Yon were reunited when Yon arrived at Atuar Sadiares looking for a place to hide from the Terugan authorities. To make matters worse, he was accompanied by his Shattered Mirror counterpart - two things Lan voiced his disapproval of. Nevertheless, he extended greetings to the Yons (Yen?), gave them a room inside free of charge, and invited them to join him for dinner later.

Half an hour later, Lan came to collect them for dinner. When the trio entered the dining room, however - the doors opened to reveal Vok, Teruga Prime's leader and Yon's arch enemy. Yon was aghast and immediately aimed his pistol, firing at the armoured tyrant, only for the bullets to deflect off his Travel Glove and have his pistol telekinetically yanked from his grip. Lan stated that even if he hadn't reported Yon, Vok and his henchmen would not have left until they had found him, and that the station would have been shut down if Yon continued to elude capture. Armoured guards then jumped from all corners of the room and restrained the original Yon, dragging him into the lift to go to the carbonax chamber as per Vok's orders. Here Yon was captured by a Wiki Metru sphere and later dumped on the Icy Planet by Muta, but back on the station SM Yon was fatally impaled on one of Vok's guard's spears.

Not wanting to know either of their fates, Lan walked away after their capture and used the station's teleport system to get back to the control center. There he waited, and once the Terguan government ships had left for the Icy Planet to recapture Yon, he alerted everyone on the station of their sudden departure, though he did not know for what reason.

The Pirate Invasion[edit]

Several years later, the crew of a freighter requested a meeting with Lan, so he went out onto a landing pad outside his office to greet them. However, he was met with a gun being held to his face from the freighter's passengers, who were actually pirates working for Deathsaurus. They forced Lan to disable the station's security systems so that more of Deathsaurus' men could access the station. Lan didn't think to ask why, instead choosing to try to escape, but he was promptly put into a shopping trolley and pushed down a flight of stairs before he could do so. Dazed and confused, he then tried to fight Deathsaurus himself, despite being armed only with a fire extinguisher. He was knocked unconscious during the fight, and by the time he woke up, the pirates had already left.


  • In case it wasn't obvious enough, Lan is just a Terugan version of Lando Calrissian from Star Wars.