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"The sun shall leave its domain in the sky, as the serpent rises from the pit. The gates to the Place Beyond shall fall, unleashing the hordes of the forsaken. What will be the key to it all? Look in the heart of the Seraphim's ally. As the serpent and the leopard stand, Masses will will be reduced to naught. Darkness and Light clash, Many things end And far more Begin[1]."

The Keruvim[2] is an artifact of great importance. Supposedly, the Great Beings created it to restore balance of light and darkness in a certain area, with only two of both sides surviving the annihilation of life. Much of its purpose is still shrouded in mystery, however, as legends have claimed that it is far more than a patrol creature. Some say it was created by the Glashan, or fallen Glimpses. Others say that it's just a glowing rock.

Due to its phenomenal importance, several villains such as Uterio di Armechio, Caiaphus, Blackout, and Figlio di Armechio have all attempted to steal it. Luckily, the Knights of the Keruvim were formed to prevent just that, and defend the Keruvim with honor.

Currently, the artefact is in possession of the Dong Squad.


  1. Another version of the legend reads: "The Angel's heart shall commence, when Terumi awakens. All that the Betwixt and Between began, shall end. The secret to it all lies in the heart of the comrade of the Seraphim. Two shall stand, thousands will fall. The seemingly endless struggle between darkness and light will reach a climax."
  2. The Keruvim comes from a book called "Shadowmancer", by G.P Taylor. In the book, the artifact serves a different purpose. All rights belong to him. This is purely for fan fiction use.