Teruga Prime (OU)

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Teruga Prime


Vok (President, deceased)
Fod (Acting president, deceased)
TBP (ZFT leader, deceased)
Shockwave (ZFT leader)


Ipomal (formerly, destroyed)

Ethnic Groups

Terugans (98%)
Non-Terugan ZFT troops (2%)




Terugan System (Undisputed)



Space Colonies

Teruga Kel (Moon)


Credits (💳)


Undergoing civil war

Home Reality

Original Universe

Teruga Prime is the homeworld of the Terugans. It is a rogue planet in the sense that it does not orbit a star. Instead, it sits in front of the Helix Nebula, which feeds the planet just enough solar energy to keep it alive. The Helix Nebula is seen by many of Teruga Prime's inhabitants as a religious symbol, as it is in the shape of a single eye - this is significant as the Terugans are a cyclopean species. (See Monoculism for more information.)


Until recently, it was ruled by a government which everyone hated, as it was led by president Vok. As Vok's position did not require him to physically be on Teruga Prime for most of his time "in office", he often neglected his presidential duties in favour of hunting down a notorious Terugan criminal, Yon. In his absence he would frequently appoint Fod as acting president, who was in fact a member of a minority party in his parliament who he picked out at random.

On one occasion when Fod was in charge, the ZFT's Second Fleet, commanded by TBP, showed up and forced the planet's surrender. It was used as a base for the ZFT for several years after its takeover, until Yon's Dong Squad killed Vok and orchestrated it to look like the ZFT were responsible. As such, Teruga Prime is currently undergoing civil war between the ZFT and the Terugan people.


Teruga Prime has three moons, Teruga Zin, Teruga Kel and Teruga Vix. Terugan colonies are present on Kel, though Zin and Vix have been declared unsafe for colonisation due to high levels of radiation on both.

Teruga Prime itself is sandy yellow when viewed from space, and is about twice the size of Earth. A large area of it is desolate, particularly across the eastern side, but the remainder of the planet's surface is covered in large enclosed cities among ammonia seas. The the south is covered in various crystals and ice. The entire North Pole is made of a completely black, solid substance which Terugans are deathly afraid of. The reason for this is undocumented.

Teruga Prime's most famous building was the Spire of Conquest, which stretched out into space, just beyond the outer atmosphere. Fod and Wyn were known to live here, as well as many others belonging to Terugan royalty or presidential family. The Spire was recently destroyed by the Dong Squad to incite a civil war on Teruga Prime.

Underneath the Spire of Conquest was Teruga Prime's capital city - Ipomal. It is currently being evacuated due to heavy debris from the Spire of Conquest coming through the roof of the underground city. A prison which housed some of Teruga Prime's most notorious criminals was located here.

Teruganium occurs naturally only on Teruga Prime.