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TBP was the commander of the ZFT's Second Fleet, and the captain of the Broad Street. He was sent to take over Teruga Prime, and he did so by surrounding the planet and bombarding it. When Fod, the planet's Acting President, told the fleet to leave, TBP responded by giving him one hour to surrender. Fod then ran away and started shaking on the floor, which annoyed TBP a lot. He then started negotiating with Wyn, Fod's brother. The moment Wyn agreed to TBP's terms, TBP teleported down to the surface with Rahkshi guards and started trying to kill him.

TBP then made an announcement to the entire planet, informing its inhabitants of the surrender and ordering them to cease all resistance. He then had Fod publicly executed, and tried to do the same to Wyn, but he got away with the help of a random cloaked figure.

Later, TBP was made Governor of Teruga Prime, and was given an office. He invited Shockwave there to discuss the creation of the new Terugan Volunteer Corps, Terugan military units loyal to the ZFT.

After The Dong Squad invaded Teruga, resulting in the destruction of an entire city and a civil war, the ZFT central government decided TBP wasn't actually very good at his job. The newly-returned Shockwave and Krika were to give him the news that he had been fired and sentenced to death. He took it quite badly, and didn't even resist when two guards dragged him out of his office and shot him.