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Formal Name
Wyn Boding
Bod (Father)
Ing (Mother)
Fod (Brother, deceased)
In stasis in the UG
Home Reality

Wyn Boding is the brother of the late Acting President of Teruga Prime, Fod. Wyn negotiated the surrender of the planet during the Uterio War on behalf of his brother.


During the Uterio War, the Second Fleet of the ZFT invaded Teruga Prime and started bombarding major cities. The commander of the fleet, TBP, contacted Wyn's brother from his flagship, the Broad Street, and warned him that unless he ordered an unconditional surrender the bombardment would continue until all major populaces were destroyed, and that he had one hour to comply. At this, Fod dropped the communicator and ran away screaming, curling into a fetal position on the carpet. Wyn bravely took control of the negotiations from there, despite not knowing anything about negotiations work, and agreed to surrender on behalf of the Terugan people. The fleet stopped bombing the cities, but TBP still beamed down to the presidential room with a squad of Rahkshi, who grabbed Wyn and attempted to have him publicly executed along with his brother. As the Rahkshi was dragging him to the balcony in view of the people below, its arms were shot off by an unknown sniper, allowing Wyn to escape to live another day. His brother was not so fortunate. Following the events of that day, Wyn went deep undercover for at least the remainder of the Uterio War.

Two years after the end of the war, Wyn was confronted in his home by DU Monarch. When Wyn attempted to call the police, Monarch grabbed him and teleported him to the UG for storage.