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ZFT Governor of Teruga Prime
Formal Name
Missile launcher
Home Reality

"Shockwave" is a heavily-augmented Terugan and member of ZFT. He was once the keeper of The Dungeon, but was promoted to Governor of Teruga Prime following the death of TBP.


At some point, he was recruited by Blackout, who grafted so many robotic parts onto him that he is no longer recognizable as Terugan, save for his only having one eye.

When the Visitor brought in Helryx and Yon, Shockwave met them and started lying to them, telling Yon that he was in a Terugan prison, and showing Helryx an extremely well-made film of D-Klak leading Uterio di Armechio's armies. After she was convinced to join the ZFT, he had her moved to another part of the Dungeon, and then contacted Blackout with the good news.

Later, Shockwave welcomed David Robert Jones to the Dungeon, and was told that he was to move the Dungeon to his homeworld, Teruga Prime. Once there, Helryx began questioning what Shockwave was telling her. Shockwave then had her brainwashed. He then had the honour of participating in a holographic conversation with ZFT leaders Blackout, Dr. Jones and TPK, and reassured them that the prisoners of the Dungeon were adapting well.

He was then sent on a mission to recruit the inhabitants of a village to join the Terugan Volunteer Corps, a newly-formed military unit of Terugans loyal to the ZFT. After the villagers refused and started throwing rocks at him, he blew up a house, and then ordered Rahkshi to destroy the village.

He then reported to TBP regarding the status of the Corps.

After Muta and Trantoshen randomly appeared and kidnapped Yon, Shockwave was ordered by TBP to declare a full security sweep of the base, which involved telling everyone to drop what they were doing and get out. Unfortunately, Krika was working on a mysterious and important project on Blackout's orders at the time, and Shockwave was forced to concede.

When the ZFT's Terugan minions finally figured out where Yon was teleported to, Shockwave went there, quoted a poem, and then threatened Muta and Trantoshen with death if they didn't return Yon. Yon responded by blasting Shockwave back with an eye-beam, which understandably annoyed him, and made him switch to robot-speak while he madly shot at people. Shattered Mirror Muta then appeared, and started fighting Shockwave. Zbigniew then appeared and slapped them both with his shoe.


  • "All you have to do is figure out how a super-powered Terugan disappeared from a heavily-guarded military complex! It's not hard at all!"
  • "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."

Alternate Universes[edit]


  • Shockwave is not his real name, but as he hates his real name, he simply calls himself Shockwave, and will kill you if you fail to do so.