Supermax 429

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"Klakky I don't want to be in Supermax anymore..."-Lucky Zev.

Supermax 429 is a space prison somewhere in the Original Universe, and part of the Supermax line of prisons. It is top secret, as it was used to house three very dangerous entities.

The interior of the prison is regularly patrolled by trained guards, who are authorized by the warden, to use lethal force against intruders and escapees. Also on board are a number of scientists, probably there to study the prisoners.

Recently, a crack team of mercenaries working for the Pirate Lord of Liquid-Metallicon called Ozar broke in, led by Fourteen, with the intention of breaking out Tiff Ramson. During their mission they knocked out a number of guards, destroyed a tank, and were telepathically attacked by Mazkertis.

Since all of its prisoners have been transported elsewhere and the warden, Jesse Ventura, has joined the Dong Squad, it is unknown who have arrived to take their places.

Current Prisoners[edit]

  • Crack Jag/Subject 06

Former Prisoners[edit]


  • It is commonly believed that the Supermax line ends at 400.