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Yon (SMU) or SMYon, was the Shattered Mirror Universe version of Yon. He was put into a coma when he was cruelly ambushed by Skelly Bones! which triggered a heart attack.

A year later he was revived by Yon, and followed him around. When Yon was captured by the Wiki Metru admins, Shattered Mirror Yon remained aboard Atuar Sadiares, but betrayed Yon's location to Vok. He was stabbed by Vok straight afterwards, and died.


  • He had the exact same swivel chair as the normal reality Yon.
  • According to his creator, one of his favourite pastimes was to spin round in his chair.
  • His ringtone is You spin me right round by Dead or Alive.
  • Skelly Bones!


  • "I was never dead! I was in a coma! Thanks for leaving me to die, by the way." - SM Yon when revived