Raigen (OU)

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Custom high-frequency blade,
Dual G-90 pistols,
C-13 Kinetic Sniper Rifle,
Shok-Tac Version V Concussion Grenades
Home Reality
"Vodka is like milk of gods!"
Raigen to Akzer

Raigen is a freelance mercenary who resembles an anthropomorphic wolf.


Arrival on Earth[edit]

One day, Raigen found himself appearing in Detroit after a brilliant flash of light with most of his memories missing. After making sense of his name and his surroundings, he stumbled into a nearby bar, where he was approached by Fourteen with a job offer. Fourteen was there with some fellow pirates on behalf of Pirate Lord Ozar, who decided that Raigen would fit nicely into the team they were assembling. Osseron Tyrok teleported in and handed Raigen a receipt while he and Fourteen were discussing the job, leaving the wolf quite confused. Taking over the task of charming Raigen from his alligator-like friend, Osseron ordered some drinks for the wolf, and explained to him that the receipt was for his revival by Osseron, who had raised him from the dead after recovering him in a condition as though he had "lost a fight with a laundry machine full of razor blades and heated ammunition". The only thing left of Raigen after whatever fate befell him was apparently only his head and spinal cord, which would explain why he had amnesia upon his resurrection. Raigen immediately downed as many drinks as he could after hearing this, and accepted Fourteen's job offer without hesitation. When Aluren, Randolph, Al-Hassi and Eruka also signed up, Fourteen beamed them all up into his ship, which departed immediately for Liquid-Metallicon.

The Mission[edit]

On board the ship, Ozar revealed himself to Raigen and the rest of the mercs, and introduced Lalli Cain. Raigen had also unintentionally downloaded a heavily-encrypted file mentioning a 3rd prisoner at Supermax 429 while updating his phone with intel in regards to the mission but was unable to access the info due to its heavy-duty encryption. Putting away the file for later, he opted to mingle with the other mercs instead. While the mercs were chatting and introducing themselves they were interrupted by Yon's entrance through a sudden rip in the fabric of space-time. Despite Yon charging up his iris with energy at the group, Raigen was delighted at seeing a "real live cyclops" and poked him in the side of his head. Yon grumbled and informed him that he was not a cyclops but was in fact, cyclopean. Ozar then informed Raigen and the others that their mission was to infiltrate Supermax 429 and break out a prisoner named Tiff Ramson.

When the group landed on Supermax 429, Raigen was assigned to work for most of the mission with Randolph and Al-Hassi. It was going well until they passed the cell of Mazkertis, who telepathically screamed at them, giving the whole team agonizing headaches. Raigen recovered quickly enough to throw some concussion grenades around a corner, knocking out the guards present. He and Fourteen eventually reached Ramson's cell, and were able to break him out. However, before they could retreat to the extraction point, the prison's warden, Jesse Ventura, attacked them with a mech. Raigen ran towards a nearby light-armoured vehicle, hoping to hijack it to use against the mech, but was thrown back by its shields. He did at least manage to shoot some grenades that Ventura fired at them, detonating them prematurely. After Lalli and Deathsaurus destroyed the mech, Raigen and the others escaped back to Liquid-Metallicon, where they received their payment.

Raigen accompanied Fourteen and Ozar to a nearby pub for drinks and a chat. Akzer appeared, led Raigen away from the pirates, and offered him another job disrupting a weapons sale. Raigen agreed to take the job, but passed out almost immediately as a result of his drinking. Even F-Blackout crashing his hovercraft through the wall of the pub could not wake him in this state. Akzer and F-Blackout eventually had enough of trying to wake Raigen, so they left him to his dreams.


Raigen is generally seen wearing a long coat and combat pants. His equipment typically consists of a custom high-frequency blade, dual G-90 Pistols and a custom C-13 Kinetic Sniper Rifle. He carries the blade and the rifle on his back, and the pistols in holsters on his hips.