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Toa of Fire (Clone)
Metru Nui
Kakamu (Progenitor and adoptive father)
Guardian Fire Spear
Spear of Fusion
Kanoka of Teleportation
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Trantoshen is a clone of Kakamu, grown from a DNA sample that was taken from the aforementioned warrior when he was a Toa. He currently resides on Archon-7, in search of an ancient power source left there by the Great Beings.



When Toa Kakamu was a member of the Order of Mata Nui, one of his missions was to deactivate a bomb in Le-Metru that was placed on a chute by the Dark Hunters. Unknown to him, the bomb was actually a Genetic Manipulator placed there by User Kon, who wanted to create a clone of Kakamu in case he was killed, mutated, or strayed down the wrong path. After the device took a DNA sample from several layers of Kakamu's body, it "deactivated" so Kakamu gave it to the Vahki. The Vahki put it in a storage closet, but the device was secretly still running, and over time Toa Trantoshen grew from it and was born. Kakamu's clone, or son, lived his life out on Metru Nui among the friends his father would never see again.

Trantoshen had an adventurous spirit, so though he enjoyed being a Toa living on Metru Nui and the excitement that the job brought him, he desired to travel the universe. Before he could however, his noble actions in defending Metru Nui had earned him audience with the Order of Mata Nui. He traveled to their headquarters on Daxia, and learned from Yintral the truth about his creation, as Trantoshen had no memories of being a Matoran. Yintral also told him all about his father's life, and that he was killed by the Brotherhood of Makuta - this filled Trantoshen with rage, and he made a vow to avenge his father by destroying the Brotherhood and all of its operatives once and for all. (Note - in actuality, he was not killed, but transformed into a Makuta himself. Yintral considered this to be no different.)

Leaving the MU[edit]

Sick of the MU, Trantoshen visited Artakha's island in the hope that the mighty being might grant his wish to visit somewhere new. He did, and Trantoshen was granted a modified Kanoka of Teleportation, and was beamed onto a safe planet elsewhere in the OU. Now with a means of travel and his eyes opened to the outer universe, the Toa of Fire's misadventures began when he used his Kanoka to gain access to the Realm of Shadows. Once inside, he found the Kanohi Daran and the Guardian Fire Spear, which were previously retrieved and placed there by the Fellowship of Kakamu completely coincidentally. Now geared up, he began his vengeance by hunting down and locating any Makuta that might have also left the MU prior to when he did. The first one he discovered was named Klak. While trying to eliminate him with extreme prejudice, Trantoshen was knocked to the floor by Klak's ally, TMV.

He briefly fought the two warriors before being kidnapped by the Fellowship of Kakamu, who believed that Trantoshen was his father. Trantoshen informed them that Kakamu was dead and that he was not the one they were looking for, so they let him go. He continued on his way for a while.

Elsewhere, Kakamu was still alive in his antidermis form, but without a body. Desperate, he traveled to the Realm of Shadows to talk to the Zivon. The Zivon, the master of the dimension, informed Kakamu that he had observed someone enter it previously who he believed to be Kakamu's son. Kakamu searched for his son for a long time, inhabiting a variety of robots to stop himself from dissipating in the meantime. When he eventually found Trantoshen, he took over his body, which he used to travel around in for a while. In Trantoshen's body, Kakamu fought off some Parasitic Fluff and Genetoes, and accidentally teleported into a room filled with liquid concrete that solidified and trapped him for several years. When the room was destroyed, he escaped alive, and Trantoshen's consciousness was safe but dormant.

Eventually realizing his selfish ways and wishing to make amends, Kakamu evacuated his son's body in favour of a Makuta's. Trantoshen observed his father use Formula 223 to change his body into that of a Toa-Makuta, though Kakamu quickly used up most of his Toa power to destroy a Parasitic Fluff swarm, turning him into a Turaga-Makuta. Trantoshen later went with Kakamu and Nosmilo to fight Blackout at the Mata Nui II. During the battle, Genetoes kicked Trantoshen high in the air, and the Toa landed on Parkin.


Note: Written copies of these events were lost in BZPower's database crash. This is all that remains of them, so we cannot elaborate on the more ridiculous ones.

At some point, he ended up inside the Wigwam, tried to fight Barricade on board Darkmount, was thrown out and fell towards the planet below, had his parachute destroyed, was attacked by Daleks, and was pulled into the Shattered Mirror by strange beings. He was then confronted by his Shattered Mirror incarnation, who said something of little importance to him. SMT inserted a tiny YOURMUM parasite into his brain in order to extract information from him when it was fully grown, and would activate upon a codeword being said.

Trantoshen later escaped from the Shattered Mirror Universe, but was immediately sucked into the UG. Fortunately, he was able to escape from it somehow before it was closed. In a twist of cruel irony, he was faced with the death of his father immediately after, when Kakamu sacrificed his life force to destroy Blackout's titan form. He took a moment to grieve for him, but the moment was interrupted by Blackout emerging from the wreckage, back in his original body. An intense close-combat battle ensued, during which Trantoshen screamed and threw fireballs at the Makuta, but was force-choked and thrown away. Ynot took over, charging at the titan, parrying his blows and inducing him into an apparent coma before taking him aboard the Ironclad. Not wishing to descend to Blackout's level by killing him, Trantoshen left the scene instead, and tried to steal the Keruvim for some reason. We don't know why, and neither does Books LLC.

Yon suddenly appeared out of nowhere, shot Trantoshen in the head, then tried to teleport himself with the Keruvim back to his ship. Trantoshen sighed and removed the bullet from his head. Yon had performed a Miserable Failure because Deathsaurus had already taken the Keruvim from Trantoshen, so Yon and Trantoshen were both sucked screaming into a plothole. It led to a dark room, which the two duelled in. However, Trantoshen quickly got bored, and after remembering his father's death, he was overcome with grief and teleported back to civilisation to arrange a funeral for his father.

Invasion through the Shattered Mirror II[edit]

After the funeral, Trantoshen walked away with Praepositus, who requested his presence to find out how to take down Blackout. Praepositus was unfamiliar with the Makuta species, so Trantoshen patiently explained to the human soldier the concept of antidermis. Meanwhile, Blackout had awoken from his apparent coma, stealing a shuttle from the Ironclad and driving it into the funeral site. Leaping out of the wreckage, he attacked Praepositus by firing shadow energy at him. The human general was saved by Trantoshen pushing him out of the way, then retaliating against the Makuta by hurling a fireball at him. After dodging it, the two stepped aside to engage in a one-on-one elemental brawl. As Blackout was refraining from killing the Toa, neither combatant won, the brawl ending instead by Blackout teleporting away due to the arrival of the Shattered Mirror II above the site.

Instead of chasing Blackout again, Trantoshen decided to stay at the site to investigate the Shattered Mirror II. Before he could get up to it, it opened and unleashed hundreds of fully-armed warriors, who jumped down to the ground and started killing the remaining funeral attendees. Their leader, Trantoshen's Shattered Mirror Universe counterpart, leaped down to the Toa's location and grabbed him by the throat, demanding to know where Kakamu was. Choking, Trantoshen gasped that his father was dead, to which SMT threw him to the floor, refusing to believe him. SMT approached Trantoshen again, aiming to get answers, but had his feet swept from under him by his counterpart. Enraged, SMT called out to some nearby SMU warriors and ordered them to incapacitate his counterpart. Trantoshen dodged their attacks and jumped over them to punch SMT in the mask mid-air. The two fought each other with their martial arts skills, but found that they were evenly matched. Bored of fighting his equal, SMT used his ice powers to freeze Trantoshen's mask, and then punch through it, knocking the Toa out cold. SMT motioned to one of his SMU warriors to pick up Trantoshen and take him back through the gateway to their universe for interrogation. The warrior, SMTMV, complied, and lifted him up to take him back through the gateway.

However, Weapon X was activated before Trantoshen could be taken back to the SMU through the SMII. It obliterated the battleground, killing any survivors who hadn't already fled the site. It is likely that, during their flight upwards, SMTMV accidentally said the codeword that caused the YOURMUM parasite inside Trantoshen to activate. Once activated, it started scrambling his memories and causing his attached Kanoka of Teleportation to malfunction, teleporting him to random locations within the multiverse.

The Uterio War[edit]

Shortly after the destruction of the battleground underneath the Shattered Mirror II, around the same time the Great Beings were preparing to wage war against the multiverse, Trantoshen reappeared next to Ynot, stating that he had something very important to tell him. As Ynot was busy gearing up to fight Wekiga in a tournament, he told the Toa that the conversation had to wait. Before Trantoshen could visibly acknowledge this, he convulsed and disappeared, leaving behind residual teleportation energy. He was sighted again on Vassilan, stumbling over the mossy ground for a moment before reappearing next to Klak on his ship, an old enemy-turned-ally, as he was a friend of his father's. Trantoshen collapsed and frantically tried to explain to the group that the Great Beings' upcoming war was a distraction, and that they were secretly planning something far worse in an alternate dimension. Abneris and Nadle scanned him, and found the YOURMUM parasite that had been growing within his brain, turning him insane and causing his Kanoka of Teleportation to malfunction. Abneris brewed a potion which he gave to Trantoshen. When he drank it, the parasite died, restoring Trantoshen's sanity.

As he felt indebted to Klak's team immediately following his recovery, Trantoshen chose to accompany them to Krustallos, which was the Great Beings' first target. They were immediately beamed to a Malchiorian ship and laid out a battle plan with the ship's commander. Trantoshen was put into a group with Nadle, Treveya and Klak to be transported down to the surface and fight on land. They were beamed down to the outskirts of a crystalline city with several Malchiorian troops. Trantoshen took command of five of the troops to explore the immediate vicinity. Sure enough, they were approached by Advanced Dal, who scanned their motives and announced that he had calculated that Uterio's motives were logical. As he charged up his electricity weapon, Trantoshen ordered the Malchiorians to fire, and ADVD was blasted apart. The true battle began immediately after, as a squad of Rahkshi descended from the skies to eliminate the group. Trantoshen and his Malchiorians managed to destroy a Panrahk before it could touch down, but the Toa was temporarily immobilized by the touch of a poisonous Lerahk.

As he fell, Trantoshen managed to separate the Lerahk's head from its body by catching its neck between the prongs of his staff and multiplying its temperature by five. His armour then turned to a greenish tinge, but the poison effect was quickly overridden by the antidote Abneris gave him for the brain parasite earlier, which was still in his system. Luckily for him, the antidote was also effective against poisonous substances and abilities. He got to his feet and was about to charge into another Rahkshi, but he was sent flying by a blast from a Rahkshi of Sonics. Its arms were blasted off by Trantoshen's squad, but it was quickly replaced by another Rahkshi, this time with the power of Chain Lightning. It channelled its powers into one of the troops, causing his armour to explode, taking his head with it. Nadle and Klak used their powers to fend off the other Rahkshi in the squad, and told the others to retreat into a nearby building. Trantoshen rose to his feet and followed them, his men not far behind.

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During the Uterio War, Trantoshen was part of the Rebel Alliance and fought in several battles alongside Klak, Treveya and Nadle. One of the more notable battles he was part of was the Battle of Krustallos, where he commanded a squad of Malchiorian soldiers.

The Post-War Period[edit]

After the war had ended and he was reunited with his father, who returned with a new biometal body, he fled with him alongside Muta and Mocax to a planet far far away. On this new planet, his father built a new laboratory for himself deep underground while Trantoshen and Mocax journeyed to the surface. Once they emerged, they were worshipped as "arena gods" by the planet's inhabitants and forced to fight a Zahgargak. The two were victorious, and Mocax found in the belly of the beast two Toa corpses. They went back to the lab and took the corpses with them to see if Kakamu recognized either of them, but he did not. Instead, he found the Spear of Fusion on one of them, which he let Trantoshen keep. Immediately after, Muta awoke as had received a distress signal from a piece of Great Being technology, which was located on a distant planet, Archon-7. Trantoshen teleported there by himself to investigate the signal. Shortly after he arrived he met a gryphon named Evander, who advised him to follow so that they might find shelter before a sandstorm. Trantoshen told Evander about his mission to search for the power source, and Evander agreed to help him, in the hopes that they could use said power source to rejuvenate the planet.

Equipment & Assets[edit]

Kanohi Daran[edit]

The Kanohi Daran is the mask of confusion. Trantoshen can use it to create feelings of confusion in his targets, causing them to temporarily lose sense of time, place or mind. It originally belonged to his father, and is now the only one of its kind left in existence. Because he is a Toa, Trantoshen keeps his mask on at all times, as he would be severely weakened without it.

Guardian Fire Spear[edit]

The Guardian Fire Spear is Trantoshen's primary weapon. It is a Toa Tool that was forged from protosteel by his father, Kakamu, after his own GFS was destroyed. Trantoshen stole it from the Realm of Shadows and has been using it to channel his fire powers ever since. Appearance-wise, it is more of a staff than a spear, with a long black handle and a large, golden, double-pronged end.

Spear of Fusion[edit]

After defeating a Zahgargak with Mocax on an unnamed planet, his companion climbed inside the belly of the beast and dug out the corpses of two Toa, one of whom held the Spear of Fusion. Trantoshen took it as a prize, and has been using it as his secondary weapon since. The spear itself is an incredibly powerful, but also breakable, weapon that holds the power to either fuse things together or split them apart.

Kanoka of Teleportation[edit]

Trantoshen is aided on his travels by his uniquely powerful Kanoka Disk of Teleportation. The Kanoka has a level of 20, over twice as high as the power level of a Great Disk. He is able to instantly transport himself anywhere in the universe simply by touching it and thinking about where he wants to go. The disk was given to him by Artakha so that Trantoshen could return to the MU if he ever changed his mind about leaving.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Fire Creation - Trantoshen can create fires of varying size and intensity from his hands or through his Toa Tools.
  • Fire Control - Trantoshen has complete control over fire, and can shape it, extinguish it or cause it to jump from one place to another.
  • Fire Absorption - Trantoshen can absorb certain amounts of fire into his body, which becomes stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Fire Nova Blast - In extreme circumstances, Trantoshen could release all of his elemental energy in the form of a fiery nova blast, which would be an explosion large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city. However, due to his slightly weaker clone body, this would likely kill him.


  • While Kakamu is notorious for not dying, Trantoshen is notorious for escaping from deadly situations with ease, and often without explanation (and when explanations are given, they are often retcons). So far he has escaped from the Matoran Universe before it went boom, the Shattered Mirror Universe (where he was kept as a prisoner of war), the UG before it was sealed, and the destruction of the battleground underneath the Shattered Mirror II... while he was unconscious.


  • "Ynot once trapped my father inside a cage made of iron. I learnt a few things from my father, when he was alive. Now the Makuta must be destroyed so he can be avenged!"—Trantoshen talking to TMV.