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This article is about the wealthy necromancer. For the eccentric techpriest of the same name from the Warhammer 40kverse, see Osseron.
Osseron Tyrok
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Osseron Tyrok is a wealthy necromancer who accidentally ported himself into the Original Universe from an alternate Earth.


Born into slavery in an alternate Earth far into the future, Osseron Tyrok was a man who spent his early childhood working as a servant to a nobleman's doctor. Over the years he managed to earn/steal/and smuggle enough money to purchase himself and become an official apprentice to the doctor.

After many years, Osseron Tyrok became a private doctor and the "licensed" Necromancer to the prince of his local city-state, who had an obsession with exploring the ruins of the "Olden Nations" and returning any relics or artefacts to the great library of the empire. During one such expedition, Osseron Tyrok stumbled upon a powerful artefact which massively increased his own magical abilities. However, by stealing this artefact, he incurred the wrath of Nasus and his own lord and so was forced to teleport away.

As a result of an unfortunate miscasting, Osseron Tyrok instead was ported to a desert world in the Original Universe, where he met up with Klak and co. and joined them.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Walking-Stick of Infinite Miracles: A powerful relic from the Earth where Osseron Tyrok comes from, it makes the person who was bonded to it a powerful mana source, enough to allow even non-magicians to cast magic within a meter of him/her. Its effects can be seen as magic being amplified as well as having higher magical endurance while within 15 meters of the source. However, its effects decrease with range.
  • Necromancer First class: As a necromancer who has mastered the ultimate spell: Full-body Resurrection, Osseron Tyrok has mastered spells of all the colleges of magic. As such he is a dangerous opponent to face off against.
  • Filthy. Rich. Sonofagun. Exactly what it says on the tin. Osseron Tyrok has made an absurd living off of rich nobles who get into duels frequently... he claims to have more money and connections than most inter-dimensional empires.


  • Osseron Tyrok and Nasus are both in possession of paired artefacts, each of which negates the other.