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Ozar is one of the Pirate Lords of Liquid-Metallicon, and is considered the most powerful of the group. He is known for his affability and intelligence.


Ozar's first appearance in the RPG was in a conversation with Figlio di Armechio, where the Rider discussed the benefits of an alliance between the Pirate Lords andHYDRA. Figlio also informed him that Treskis had passed away at Ragnarok, meaning that Ozar was now one of the most powerful Liquid Metalliconite Pirate Lords in the galaxy. This helped convince the crime boss to consolidate his power, reunite the Pirate Lords, push for expansion, and merge many his criminal enterprises with HYDRA's own operations. During this time, Ozar relied heavily on his First Mate and close companion Fourteen.

Much later, Ozar summoned a crack team of mercenaries to break out Tiff Ramson from Supermax 429. The Pirate Lord claimed that he would make a lot of profit from the venture. Though this was certainly a caveat, the scheme was actually part of a secret plot by Figlio to release Ramson to use him as a figurehead for HYDRA, distracting everyone from its true leadership. Additionally, both HYDRA and Ozar aimed to test the skills of these mercenaries to recruit them for future ventures.

As such, Lalli Cain was contacted before the mission by HYDRA and told that he had to betray the mercenaries by shooting Tiff Ramson with a stun gun and kidnapping him in a way that made it look like the shark-man had been killed. Cain believed he was betraying Ozar when he was playing right into the Pirate Lord's plans all along. However, Ozar and Fourteen still placed a bounty on Cain's head, likely as another test for the mercenary.

Interestingly enough, Ozar allowed Spymistress Aluren to work alongside the mercenaries during their mission, helping her obtain one of 429's other prisoners: Iris, the key to Malygos's ascension.

Not long after this mission, Ozar had a shocking encounter with Akzer, his cousin who had been brought back to life by F-Blackout. Akzer claimed to be offering his assistance but was secretly planning to restore his status with the Pirate Lords and take over his cousin's criminal empire. Ozar agreed to allow Akzer into his organization, but kept the decision a secret from Figlio, and was intent on keeping Akzer at arm's length. This compounded his attempts to unite various Pirate Lord factions, such as those belonging to the Red Lady, and consolidate his power.

Some time later, he found himself in despair after he arrived at a Liquid Metalliconite slum that had been attacked by Mazkertis. Ozar discovered, to his horror, that Fourteen had been critically injured after fighting the wizard alongside Sachiel, John Shepard, Ophelia Valentine, Cassius Calm, and Cassandra Thorne. The Pirate Lord was found weeping next to his comatose first mate.


  • Ozar is skilled with both rapiers, claymores, and guns.
  • He is currently the most influential of all the Pirate Lords. Even the most rebellious ones answer to him in some way, shape, or form. He also is incredibly wealthy because of his criminal empire, which absorbed that of Treskis and Keichi after their deaths.


  • Ozar's name is derived from "Ozai" of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Books LLC does not like Ozar.
  • He is related to another well-known pirate, Akzer. Ozar also remarked to Figlio that Treskis was his older brother [1], but this has been retconned to have a symbolic meaning.
  • Every single one of Supermax 429's prisoners has affected Ozar's life, whether directly or indirectly.