Muta (OU)

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Formal Name
Multiple Utility Tactical Automaton
Jarvis (Creator, deceased)
In stasis in the UG
Home Reality

Muta (short for Multiple-Utility Tactical Automaton) is a robot that was built by Jarvis. Somehow, he was separated from his creator and was launched into the cosmos before smashing through the outer hull of the Matoran Universe, losing his memory in the process. Today, he is a close ally of Kakamu's family, and is considered an honorary member.


Muta is light silver with glowing blue eyes. His torso is spherical and his arms and legs are thick and bulky. He requires no weapons, as his fists can punch through armour. He can also transform into a ball.


It is not known just how old Muta is, as his memories prior to entering the Matoran Universe were destroyed in the impact of breaching the MU's hull. However, we do know that Jarvis either built him during the sixty years between the events of BZPB: Heat the Soul and the present day, and Muta was sent back in time... or Jarvis is a lot older than he claimed to be.

Inside the MU, he became a confused wanderer, and was found and manipulated by Vorahk-Kah into becoming his servant. One day, V-K used Muta to hack into the Brotherhood of Makuta's database, absorbing information on Kakamu in the process. They became convinced that they must find him to save the universe from Blackout's evil schemes... and so the Fellowship of Kakamu was born.

After Darkmount was built and launched, Muta was sent into interdimensional space, along with the rest of the Fellowship.

Some time later, after the battle with the Matoran in a Black Suit, Blackout created a hole leading to a pit of lava underneath Motrokh, and, possibly making the stupidest decision anyone has ever made in BZPB, Muta decided to jump after him. He survived, and crashed into a rock. Then Blackout teleported him into a virtual reality.

After spending many years trapped in the virtual reality, thought to be the nightmarish sixth dimension Galidor, Muta escaped back into the OU and found Vorahk-Kah again. They found Kakamu's son, Trantoshen, and started interrogating him. This led up to him, V-K, Yon and Trantoshen fighting powerful energy spheres somehow.

They later escaped though and ended up on the Icy Planet. After splitting up and Muta deciding to turn against V-K, he and Trantoshen later teamed up with the reborn Kakamu, Klak, Ynot, Blackout and the other members of the Alliance. He, D-Klak and Xeno met with some pirates and tried to convince them to join the Alliance, but it did not go well. They took off in the Rogue Shadow and were chased by Keichi's and numerous other pirate ships. For some reason, he decided to attack one of Blackout's ships, jumped out into space, and got in a kind of dogfight. They've made up now.

Much later, after Kakamu was framed and exiled, Muta and Trantoshen went off to find him. This ended up in them landing on an asteroid, capturing Yon, fighting Shockwave and the Shattered Mirror version of himself, then the freed Ferox soon after. During the brawl, SMU Muta made the shocking revelation that 'Muta' stands for 'Multiple-Utility Tactical Automatron' and that he was built by the human engineer/scientist Jarvis. Angered and confused at this, Muta took their fight into space, where the brawl continued, until Ferox flew into them, demanding information on Jarvis too, having learned that Muta was built by him.

Following the Uterio War, Kakamu took Trantoshen, Mocax and Muta with him to a faraway planet to avoid further chaos. Kakamu built a new base deep underground on this planet, where Muta spends most of his days making calculations and recharging. When Malygos ascended to a form of pure magic and declared himself "Emperor of the Universe", Muta relayed the transmission to Kakamu and determined that it was not a hoax.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Telekinesis - The zero-point energy gravitators built into Muta's palms enable him to telekinetically draw, throw or crush distant objects.
  • Telepathy - Despite being a robot, Muta has strong telepathic powers. How this is possible is uncertain, but it is theorized that his central processor is wired into brain fragments of a long-dead telepathic alien, allowing him to harness its abilities.
  • Teleportation - With the aid of his internal navigation systems, Muta can teleport anywhere within the universe that he currently occupies.
  • Enhanced Strength - Muta is incredibly strong thanks to the impressive motor functions of his arms and the density of his armour. He has displayed the ability to punch through various types of metals, including solid steel and solid antidermis.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • His Shattered Mirror Universe counterpart was also built by Jarvis, and launched into space. However, SM Muta never crashed into the Matoran Universe, instead running into a space fleet owned by the Great Beings. He was "adopted" by Okk, who sent him through the original Shattered Mirror once it was completed. His design is also different, as he is black and can transform into a cube.
  • In the Dark Universe, Muta died on the battlefields of Tybion, like his father before him.


  • Although he can transform into a ball, this has only been seen once in the RPG.
  • "Muta" means "wetsuit" in the Italian language. Why? We don't know.