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Formal Name
Home Reality

Fourteen is a pirate lord of Liquid-Metallicon working for Ozar.


Fourteen is a skinny yellow reptilian humanoid, with pearl white eyes and red eyelids. He wears a copper exoskeleton which adorns all of the important spots of his body. He is also a skilled telepath and technopath, and carries dual pistols and knives with him wherever he goes.


Ozar came to Fourteen to ask his help in assembling a team to break Tiff Ramson, a notorious Uterio War criminal, out of Supermax 429. Fourteen accepted, and Ozar introduced him to the other mercs in the group. One of them suggested that they go to a bar in Detroit, which was where an amnesiac mercenary called Raigen found himself. Wishing to recruit Raigen, Fourteen entered the bar with some other mercenaries who were part of the mission and approached him about the job. To gain his trust, Fourteen telepathically revealed to the wolf the identity of Aluren, another assistant on their mission who was sitting at a nearby table. While Fourteen was scanning Aluren's mind he discovered that Randolph was accompanying her, yet another pirate from his past. Fourteen recognized him and offered him the same job, to which he accepted. The group were also joined by Osseron Tyrok, who informed Raigen that the reason he was amnesic was because he was mutilated then resurrected by him. Hearing this, Raigen downed as many drinks as he could from the bar and accepted Fourteen's job offer without hesitation along with Osseron. Eruka and Al-Hassi, observing the group from the other end of the bar, then revealed themselves and expressed interest in joining. Thrilled at having so many volunteers prepared to carry out this deadly task, Fourteen beamed them all up into his ship, which departed immediately for Liquid-Metallicon.

Once they'd arrived at Ozar's base on their home planet, Fourteen introduced the mercs to Ozar at last, and let his superior explain the mission. Later, when the team arrived at Supermax 429, Fourteen was the first to exit the ship and start hacking a nearby console.


  • "Fourteen" is probably a codename, as he tells Raigen in the bar "You really don't want to know where I got the name, mate".


  • "Hold on to your faces. Zanny, jump to plot-convenient-light-speed." - Fourteen breaking the fourth wall.
  • "Let's put this into perspective."
"Let's not!" - Lalli Cain and Fourteen discuss proportions.