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The Ayy-Lmaliums (also known as Little Green Alien Men, or LGAMs) are an alien species which originate from the Hoag's Object Galaxy.


The LGAM's homeworld was considered the best known spaghetti and pasta exports in the Hoag's Object Galaxy. Their species are amazing cooks, and created bio-organic food technology and weapons, doubling effectiveness of their exports. The bio-organic food items made sure that, if necessary, you would be able to eat your everyday items in times of great needs. Of course, it also meant all food factories and kitchens would double as armouries.

The Ayy-Lmaliums are actually an offshoot species of the legendary Grey Aliens, who are well-known to infiltrate and abduct individuals for their experiments. The LGAM are distinct from them, as they created a civilization of peace and advanced the fine arts. They enlisted in the Cooperative for protection from their Grey brethren, who wished to destroy their peace-loving and culinary created society. Though their Dam'si agents had protected them for quite a while, the Greys eventually pierced their defences. They bombarded their homeworld, destroying every food factory in sight, and enslaved the Ayy-Lmaliums. The Greys had also set up a self-replicating defence network to prevent the Cooperative from intervening and genociding The Greys.

This all changed when Lord Zrintch came. Though not a member of the Cooperative, he was allowed through on the fact he was considered a legendary Sith Lord, never having lost a battle. Lord Zrintch's forces were able to nullify the self-replicator defence drones with the help of a Cooperative Maker (a device that was a molecule rearrangement device that allows one to make anything, basically, a futuristic 3-D printer). Zrintch and the Cooperative forces annihilated the rest of the Greys, who were ruled to be genocided from Spaghetti World.

Afterwards, the Cooperative freed the Ayy-Lmalium slaves. A. LeMao had been one of them, treated cruelly and was not allowed any pasta or other fine foods. Zrintch's race joined the Cooperative afterwards, becoming defenders and manhunters in society. Zrintch made an offer for any LGAM to join his group to prevent further things like this, and A signed up, along with the others who are currently on BONES' ship. Further down the line, they were reassigned to assist the Dong Squad because of their advanced technology, culinary creations, and Cooperative membership.