Stouttish Islands

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Stouttish islands.png

The Stouttish Islands is a conglomeration of multiple land masses in close proximity to each other on a currently unnamed planet far far away. It is the home of most of the joke characters, and Yon lived there with the Hand for several years.

Its population is only in the hundreds, which is comprised of many different species, some yet to be discovered.

It was said to have been discovered by the Lord Demopan over a hundred years ago, and subsequently populated by his friends, and their friends, and their friends. He died of old age, but then respawned to work as a cook in the McYonalds restaurant.

Notable Locations[edit]

Notable Battles[edit]


  • The Stouttish Islands was named by its discoverer after his favourite hat, the Stout Shako.
  • Because it is so far away from most of the major locations in BZPB, it is impossible to travel there by spacecraft - only teleportation and portal creation is a viable method of reaching it.