Dark Universe

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Dark Universe

The Dark Universe is an alternate universe of chaos and destruction, not unlike the other BZPB universes. However, the people of this universe have been trapped in a seemingly endless for war for as long as they can remember, with no side being able to achieve absolute victory. Information discovered about this universe tends to be scarce, as it is frequently fought over by warring factions, and even the librarians of the Knowledge Dimension are reluctant to document the Dark Universe's inner goings-on. However, what is known is all bad. All sides dabble in dark arts and violent experiments, with the hope that they will discover something new in their quest to achieve power over others. The Dark Universe's existence is cited as the reason the Universe-Travelling Restriction Act 1999 was created by the leaders of the Eternal Universe.

Known Locations[edit]

  • Aperture Science Deep-Space Communication Station
  • Malchior IV
  • Mordor
  • Teruga Prime
  • Tybion

Notable Inhabitants[edit]

For the full list of Dark Universe natives, see the category.