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Malchior IV is the fourth planet in the Malchior system. Due to it being the homeworld of Klak, it has been the setting of many important BZPB events.


During the Rider-Vrai Wars, the Verdant Testament was hidden on the planet.

Many centuries ago, several human colonist ships settled the Malchior system. Malchior IV was incredibly similar to Earth, and was thus attractive to the settlers. Over the centuries, the humans spread out and built a worldwide civilization. They decided to remain unified and developed a global government. Their constitution recognized the natural rights and dignities of all persons, and prohibited the use of Books LLC products (unless you were considered "big" enough for them).

At some point during its history, Malchior IV declared itself to be a haven world, attracting the attention of several different species. A group of Nynrah Ghosts decided to settle on the planet, and were integrated into Malchiorian society.


The Battle of Conquistadores v. Apprentices of Caiaphus, as well as the skirmishes surrounding it, occurred on the planet. The Battle of Malchior IV helped cement Malchior's involvement in the Uterio War (though there were regiments fighting on Krustallos). The planet would also serve as the headquarters of the Rebel Alliance against Uterio.

The peace that followed the war was short lived, as several locations across the planet had to focus on their own problems, including a ravaging and mysterious vampiric plague, terrorist attacks, piracy, the insanity of Klak's adventures, and more. The RacKoon City incident and Ragnarok are examples of post-Armechian conflicts that occurred on this planet.


Malchior IV is a mostly temperate planet with oceans and seas, and several mountain ranges after grassy plains. And a lighthouse without light. This is ironic considering its position in the Malchiorian system.

The Six rings Dungeon is one of the planet's major landmarks. It used to be a cow farm that didn't have any cows.


Malchior IV, like the other Malchiorian planets, hosts a variety of flora and fauna. However, Malchior IV is the only one that is a haven, as said earlier. This has affected the ranks of the soldiers of this particular planet. While the majority of Malchiorians are humans descended from the colonists of this solar system, there is a growing minority population of other alien species. The planet affirms the concept of natural rights, ergo all of these populations are treated equally by the government.

Nynrah Ghosts are seen as a planetary treasure. When The Norman was kidnapped by Caiaphus, Malchior IV entered into a brief period of martial law.


The Malchiorian government is a planetary federalist presidential democratic republic. It is divided into three branches: an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch.

The chief executive is the President, who along with his deputy, the Vice President, chooses the other members of the executive branch. Multiple offices, such as the Department of State, the Military, and the Bureau of Taxation make up the branch.

The parliament, known as the Congress, is made up of two houses. The upper house, the Senate includes 274 senators, two for each province of the planet. Its members serve staggered six-year terms. The lower house is the House of Representatives, with 719 members. Representatives are attributed to districts within provinces based on their population.

The judiciary is made up of several municipal and provincial courts. At the head of the branch exists the Supreme Constitutional Court, which decides the constitutionality of governmental matters at a global level.

Malchior IV has a multiparty system, with two parties being the most prominent: the right-wing (and currently ruling) Liberal Party of Malchior IV and the left-wing Malchiorian Labour and Justice Party. Other parties include the hard-right Malchior IV Independence Party and the Malchiorian Beer Lover's Party.

Each province is ruled by a Governor or Prime Minister, and has its own parliament.


The President is Commander-in-Chief of the vast Malchiorian military, which is divided into five branches: Space & Air, Army, Navy, Intelligence, Special Forces. The Intelligence Branch often functions on its own, and is divided into several organizations (some of which are classified), all under the purview of the Director of Malchiorian Intelligence, who answers to the President and to Congress. The remaining branches have many regiments and organizations within them.

The technological advancements of the scientific community and the Nynrah Ghosts have helped enhance military capabilities of Malchior IV. The Uterio War tested their mettle, as Malchiorians fought bravely against their enemies, some making the ultimate sacrifice. The armies are often deployed with those of other planets that are a part of the Malchiorian Protectorate (Malchior I-VI), meaning that, altogether, Malchiorians make up one of the strongest militaries in the galaxy.

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