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Project Cadmus is an organization of powerful people in the Original Universe. Their existence is shrouded in secrecy, as few outside of the organization know anything about it. Not even Books LLC can guess everything about them!


Cadmus is formed of brilliant people with expertise in science, military strategy, industry, and politics. They used their influence and abilities to form a clandestine organization with government funding (from several planets) whose purpose is rather unclear. All that is known is that they wish to make clones of several known heroes of the multiverse. So far, they have only been able to clone minor heroes of different worlds, including Rain Sulrai and Jorten Karzdus. However, they plan on cloning the main characters. Whether or not they are willing to cooperate is of no matter to them.

Cloning facilities are spread throughout the universe, with a prominent one on Korasa, moon of Kamino.

Known Members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Amanda Waller (belongs to DC Comics)
  • Dr. Richtofen (belongs to Treyarch)
  • Dr. Hugo Strange (belongs to DC Comics) and his TYGER Guard
  • General Thunderbolt Ross (belongs to Marvel Comics)
  • User MakutaKlak
  • Nuvo Vindi (belongs to LucasArts)
  • Dr. Hikari (belongs to Capcom)
  • Dr. Ciel (belongs to Capcom)
  • Blizzard Wolfang (Belongs to Capcom)
  • Commander Yammark (Belongs to Capcom, deceased).
  • F-Klak (Rogue)
  • Zhao Yun Ru (belongs to Eidos/Square Enix)
  • Lt. Manning
  • Emily Thompson

Former Members[edit]

  • Dr. Wallace Breen (belongs to Valve)


  • This Cadmus is inspired by the DCAU version of Project Cadmus, seen here and here.