Dark Mirror Universe

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Dark Mirror Universe
This article is about D-Klak and Mazkertis's home universe. For the universe sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Dark Mirror Universe, see Dark Universe.

The Dark Mirror Universe, also referred to as the Toa Empire Pocket Dimension, is an alternate universe with much of the same history as the one from BIONICLE.

It is also the home of D-Klak, Mazkertis, Helryx, Zrintch, and various other BZPB characters.


The term "ADP" (After Divergence Point) is used to label years in the Dark Mirror Universe.

0 ADP[edit]

  • The Dark Mirror Universe is created when Nidhiki decides to side with Tuyet against Lhikan instead of the other way around. Lhikan is killed, and the Toa Empire is formed.

Unknown Year[edit]

  • D-Klak is recruited by the Great Beings and becomes a watchdog for their worlds. He spends the next few centuries tending to alternate universes supervised by the Great Beings.

Unknown Year[edit]

  • A Po-Matoran named Perseus becomes suspicious of Tuyet's motives and finds a way to leave the Matoran Universe. He spends 7 years wandering the stars, even approaching areas that would lead to the Original Universe (had he gone any further). He is kidnapped by pirates afterwards, but before he is killed by the savage criminals, a mysterious Great Being attacks the ship and teleports him to the Original Universe.

3500 ADP[edit]

  • The events of Dark Mirror take place. The Takanuva of an unknown alternate universe arrives in the DMU and kills Tuyet, ending her reign.
  • The events of Dusk and Dawn take place. Following the collapse of Tuyet's empire, the Matoran Universe's leaders meet to discuss what to do next.

3510 ADP[edit]

  • In a strange crystalline city, Ancient dictates to The Recorder his memories of the events that led them there, since the Order of Mata Nui seemingly wiped everybody's memories but his.

Unknown Year (150,032 CMT)[edit]

  • D-Klak teams up with the Original Universe's Zev Raregroove to protect the Keruvim from a malevolent force known as Mazkertis. Mazkertis is defeated (barely) and swears revenge. Because the allies failed to stop Mazkertis from tampering with the time streams of both the OU and DMU during the battle, they receive a punishment from the Great Beings that exacerbates the already Pyrrhic victory.

Unknown Year (150,033 CMT)[edit]

Unknown Year[edit]

  • Ynot enters the DMU on several occasions, and Helryx tries to prevent him from causing several major disasters, such as the destruction of half the Archives and an avalanche that buried a number of Matoran.

Unknown Year (150,084 CMT)[edit]

  • Lord Zrintch sends the Dong Squad into the Dark Mirror Universe to team up with the Pennis And Also Dicke And Balls Bureau, that universe's version of the squad. After they kill Kek together, Zrintch orders the PAADABB to attack the Dongers, so that he can form the surviving fighters from both teams into a stronger, better squad. The Dong Squad emerge victorious and travel back to the Original Universe with a new member, Joey.

Notable Inhabitants[edit]

For the full list of Dark Mirror Universe natives, see the category.