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The Mazkertis Paradox
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Niflheim (9)
Zev (16)
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The Mazkertis Paradox is an ongoing epic written by BZPB members Klak, Kon, and Niflheim. It is a direct continuation of the story arc of the same name, which served as the final arc of the BZPB RPG.


In 150,032 CMT - 52 years before the final post in the BZPB RPG - Zev Raregroove, heir to the throne of Jurai, travelled into an alternate universe known as the Dark Mirror Universe and helped an alternate version of Klak, D-Klak, subdue a wizard named Mazkertis, who planned to use the Keruvim to manipulate time to his own advantage. After a vicious battle, Mazkertis was defeated and imprisoned by the Great Beings. He swore that one day, he would return and finish what he started by rewriting the timelines of both universes to exclude Zev, Klak, and anyone else who grieved him - but especially Klak, the one responsible for his defeat.

Now, Mazkertis has returned, freed from his nether cell by Figlio di Armechio. In response to this threat, Klak formed the Claws of the Phoenix, an elite team of heroes tasked with stopping Mazkertis. Unfortunately, the hero who knew Mazkertis best, D-Klak, had been killed in an event known as Ragnarok two years prior. To remedy this, Quolas, a member of the Claws and the last remaining member of the mysterious Sha'lythe Sect, an ancient organization of time guardians, retrieved a version of D-Klak from three years in the past and brought him to the present to help the Claws find and defeat Mazkertis. Though such an action would usually be in violation of the Sha'lythe Sect's code, their masters, the Living Stars, had disappeared without warning two years ago, leaving Quolas relatively free to do what he pleases.

Elsewhere in the universe, the Great Being Coro also had the idea to enlist the help of a past version of D-Klak, so he snatched another D-Klak from the past (this one from four years ago) with the help of TPK and Walternate.

Soon after these events, the Battle of Saskana brought most of the major players of the universe together and fully awakened them to the threat of Mazkertis. Where most saw death and destruction in Mazkertis, Gabriel Ascheron, leader of the Republic of Luria, saw an opportunity to use the wizard's powers to empower his own empire. Ascheron met with Mazkertis and allied himself with him with the intention to be at the wizard's side when he reshapes the timeline, making the Republic of Luria a hundred times more powerful than it was before.

However, Mazkertis seems not to be the only threat to the safety of the universe: some have reported seeing an armored warrior calling himself "Monarch" capturing many, seemingly-random characters and trapping them in a pocket dimension known as the UG for "storage". To Klak's chagrin, some of these characters are founding members of the Claws of the Phoenix: Kakamu, Etende, Micros, and Masaharu. Kakamu awakens to find himself face-to-face with Monarch, who tells him that his "master" approaches.

In the wake of the Battle of Saskana, two large gatherings take place on the water world - the first on the Takemikazuchi flagship Divine Providence, and the second on the Makuta Anima's vessel, the Cabana. On the Divine Providence, Rokubungi Gendo, Prime Minister of the Takemikazuchi Empire, attempts to moderate a discussion between Makuta Blackout of the ZFT and Lord Malygos of the Dominion, with little success that is only compounded by the sudden arrival of Figlio di Armechio, head of HYDRA. On the Cabana, Ynot and the Makuta Anima host Coro, TPK, Axalara, the Knights of the Keruvim who survived the battle, and Nadle, Klak, and D-Klak. The rest of the surviving participants of the Battle of Saskana - such as Strika, Niflheim, Captain Eurobeat and his Full Frontal Fighting Force - have been granted shelter in the Saskanan cities by the planet's leader, Baron Alfred Ernst von Budberg, as a reward for their heroism.

From there, the story continues... in The Mazkertis Paradox.


To see a timeline of events that occurred in The Mazkertis Paradox in chronological order, see The Mazkertis Paradox timeline.



To see a full list of characters who in The Mazkertis Paradox in alphabetical order, see The Mazkertis Paradox characters.

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