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Kakamu's biometal form
N/A. His consciousness is contained within a biometal shell
129,505 (By the end of the original RPG)
232,498 (By the start of the FRPG)
Trantoshen (clone & adopted son)
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Kakamu is an ancient and immortal being who was originally created by the Kestora to be one of the Matoran of Metru Nui. Having experienced various transformations, deaths, resurrections, and over 125,000 years of life, Kakamu considers himself a guardian of life and strives to preserve it. To this end, Kakamu has joined the Claws of the Phoenix to combat those who would harm his universe and the people in it.

Kakamu has existed almost as long as BZPB itself, and is User:Kon's main character. As such, he will play a significant role in the Reckoning, a prophesied final war for all creation.


Kakamu is not the oldest being in the Original Universe, but he is considered by many to be one of the wisest. He is a veteran of countless battles spanning his 129,000-year long life, of which he has been both aggressor and retaliator. Since his first return from the dead, Kakamu has struggled with his immortality, but is starting to accept it and the responsibilities that come with it. To this end, he has convinced himself that it is a gift from a higher power to be used to protect mortal life. He hopes that he can one day share his gift with the rest of the universe, but knows that its inhabitants can not be trusted to receive it as long as there is evil among them. His scientific knowledge has actually allowed him to create life in the form of new types of Rahi; most notably the Nui-Kiru.

Despite considering himself a protector of life, Kakamu is not afraid to take it from those he deems undeserving of it. These are almost always villains who are homicidal in nature.

Kakamu's body is made entirely out of one element: Biometal. It is a near-indestructible element that allows him to absorb and retain huge amounts of energy for future use. In recent times, he has learned to extend this ability to absorb classical elements like air, enabling him to fly via air currents. His consciousness was bonded to and imprinted on his biometal cells by the crew of the the Prophecy, allowing him to have full control over the biometal, enabling him to take on any form he wants. However, concentrated blasts of sound will disrupt the biometal's cohesion and cause it collapse into liquid, temporarily incapacitating him.

Kakamu's strongest relationships are that which he shares with his family and friends. Kakamu's "family" consists only of a select few warriors who have earned his trust, because he cannot reproduce like living organisms. The most important person in his life is Trantoshen, a clone of one of Kakamu's earlier forms, who Kakamu sees as being his legacy to raise and train in case he loses himself and is no longer fit to bear the title of protector of life.

For more information on Kakamu's relationships with other characters, see the Relationships section.



Kakamu was created as a Ta-Matoran in 20,576 CMT by a specialist team of Kestora on the Red Star. He awoke prematurely during the procedure, but had his memories erased and was teleported down to Metru Nui to begin his life as a welder. Unknown to Kakamu, his memories past that point would be actively transmitted to a datacenter on Slizeros for storage and later analysis.

He lived a very peaceful life on Metru Nui for the few years he was there before the Matoran Civil War. He was drafted into the war on the side of the Ta-Matoran. One day, while fighting in Ga-Metru, the protodermis banks flooded and he was swept out to sea. The part of the liquid protodermis sea he was floating unconscious in was struck by lightning, and he was transformed into a Toa. This was witnessed only by Natero, and from a distance.

Order of Mata Nui[edit]

As part of his transformation, his battle spear was transformed into the Guardian Fire Spear and his mask was transformed into a Daran. He washed up on Daxia, was found by a local Turaga and was recruited into the Order of Mata Nui. This Turaga became his closest friend and mentor, and taught him everything he needed to know about his powers and the Matoran Universe. He went on several missions for the Order, and made some good friends, including Yintral. One of these missions included hunting down Zev Raregroove. Once Kakamu had located him, he used his Daran to disorientate him before setting the ground below him on fire with the Guardian Fire Spear. Zev managed to shake off the effects of the mask rather quickly and retaliated by using his magical powers. However, the skirmish was over quickly, as Zev decided to cut his losses and escape.

On another mission, Kakamu had to go to Le-Metru to deactivate a bomb placed on a chute by the Dark Hunters. Unknown to him, the bomb was actually a Genetic Manipulator placed there by User Kon, who wanted to create a clone of Kakamu in case he was killed or mutated. After the device took a DNA sample from several layers of Kakamu's body, it "deactivated" so Kakamu gave it to the Vahki. The Vahki put it in a storage closet, but the device was secretly still running, and over time Toa Trantoshen grew from it and was born. Kakamu's clone, or son, lived his life out on Metru Nui among the friends his father would never see again.

Eventually, Kakamu decided to stop working as a warrior for the Order and pursue a career in Rahi studies instead. Quickly rising to the top of his field, his work caught the attention of the Great Beings. Kakamu, along with several other scientists, was secretly brought to Lotcas by the Great Beings and put to work performing experiments on the planet's indigenous species: the Chenyromas. Several of these experiments were done in conjunction with the Kestora, though he disliked working with them because they were rude and unsettling. One of the Chenyromas Kakamu experimented on became Masaharu. Kakamu believed he had perfected the Chenyromas' design with Masaharu, but another scientist, later nicknamed The Imposter, disagreed and tried to force Kakamu to continue experimenting on his creation. One night, while the others were asleep, Kakamu took Masaharu from his room and loaded him onto a ship. Masaharu was dropped off on the next habitable planet, Chenrotoss, where his memory was wiped with an airborne chemical so that he could never return to Lotcas via his mind-warping power. Kakamu was recovered by the Great Beings and returned to Daxia, allowed to continue his work there but at a much lower level.

It was this that started Kakamu's ever-growing dissatisfaction with the Order. When his Turaga friend went missing and he received no explanation for his disappearance, he decided that was the last straw. He knew that if he decided to quit, the Order would send agents after him to apprehend him, so he ran. He ran far across many islands but they eventually cornered him in an abandoned lab to the south. The lab contained a pool of Boiling Energized Protodermis and Makuta essence. After theorizing what might happen should he jump in, he made a decision to do so and was transformed into a Makuta. Emerging from the pool anew, Kakamu was forced to kill the agents and flee the scene to start a new life.

Brotherhood of Makuta[edit]

He joined the Brotherhood of Makuta and became their top scientist, as he impressed Makuta Blackout. He was given a Matoran assistant named Mocax from Karda Nui and took control of Nynrah after defeating its king, Koranis. After setting up his lab with the assistance of the Nynrah Ghosts, he designed the Kordaz Sabersword (which was later destroyed by Airwatcher), and two Nirak Laser-Drills (one of which was stolen by Xeno). Once, in a battle with Voporak for the Vahi, his Guardian Fire Spear was disintegrated. Later, Kakamu fought in the Brotherhood's war against Zev Raregroove and Malygos. He owned an Axalara T9 given to him by fellow Makuta Ynot, but it was destroyed in combat. Kakamu used teleportation Kanoka to visit all sorts of weird places in the universe, including Earth, where he took a Meltrox from underneath its crust and kept it as a pet. He even created new types of Rahi such as the Zahgargak and the Nui-Kiru, animals which were later unknowingly reproduced by the Great Beings for use in their armies.

On the Run[edit]

When Blackout used the Vahi Cube to reverse time, he felt its effects and made him realize that maybe he didn't like being a Makuta, and missed the part of his life when he was a noble Toa hero. Deciding to change his life again, he exposed himself to Formula 223, which was supposed to turn him back into a Toa... but it went wrong. Instead, he was turned into a Toa-Makuta, or "Toakuta" - a hybrid of both. He proceeded to rebel against the Brotherhood, confronting Blackout when he unleashed legions of Rahkshi and wraiths on the universe. Blackout used his creation, the Vahi Cube, to transport Kakamu outside the Mata Nui robot and into interdimensional space. Kakamu tried to absorb a Sentinel drifting there to make himself more powerful, but it exploded, and his armour was destroyed in the blast. Kakamu's antidermis found a way back into normal time, and he encountered even more Sentinels. He inhabited one for a while, but later evacuated it as he found it too clunky and restrictive.

Bara Magna[edit]

Later, Kakamu (still in his antidermis form) found an Agori named Tratus on Bara Magna, a nearby planet. Using his telepathic abilities, he attempted to make contact with the Agori, but he ended up terrifying him. Suddenly, Sunstorm arrived, turned into a gas, and attacked Kakamu. After realizing that he only had an hour until his energy dissipated, he flew towards Vulcanus. There he was forced to kill a Glatorian, Tarnok, and possess his body. In this body, he began rounding up the inhabitants of Vulcanus in order to create an army to protect themselves from invading threats such as Sunstorm.

Some time later, Blackout arrived on the planet and placed a quantity of unstable hadrium in Bara Magna's core, causing it to explode. Kakamu was vaporized in the blast, but not before he managed to make an ally of Tratus, give him a Kanoka of Teleportation and some of his antidermis in a jar, and sent him on his way.


When Tratus transported himself to the Realm of Shadows per Kakamu's orders, he combined the antidermis with the Shadow energy lingering in the dimension, duplicating Kakamu's consciousness and creating a whole new cloud of antidermis for it to travel in. The Zivon told Kakamu that he had had an unknown son millennia ago, and that he should find him if he wanted to live. With that, it opened a portal to the main dimension and threw Kakamu out. After a long period of searching and possessing a multitude of bodies, Kakamu found Trantoshen and took over his body, squeezing his consciousness on top of his son's. The only side effect of doing this was that spending so long in his son's mind caused his consciousness to split in two and a duplicate be buried within his son's subconsciousness. In Trantoshen's body, he fought off some Parasitic Fluff and Genetoes, and accidentally teleported into a room filled with liquid concrete that solidified and trapped him for several years. When the room was destroyed, he escaped alive.


Some time after this he left Trantoshen's body in favour of a Makuta's. He invaded the Makuta's mind and crushed it before obtaining another vial of Formula 223 to gain a Toa-Makuta body similar to his old one. One day, his old enemy/inconvenience Koranis teleported him into the midst of a swarm of parasitic fluff and Kakamu was forced to give up his powers in the form of a Nova Blast to destroy the swarm. This turned him into a Turaga-Makuta, or "Turakuta". He was later reunited with Trantoshen, who decided to be the better man and forgave him for commandeering his body earlier in his life. Ynot and his crew found them to request their assistance to fight Blackout, in order to stop him from conquering Atlantis. Ynot recognized Trantoshen as someone who had attacked him before just for being a Makuta, but after seeing him with Kakamu he decided to trust him.

The Turakuta Kakamu explored the galaxy for a while afterwards, but came to realize that his mechanical parts were slowly failing. He researched a fix and found that only Borg nanoprobes could help repair the damage to his biomechanical system, so he and Trantoshen launched a high-risk mission to infiltrate a Borg Cube and capture a drone. Unfortunately, this ended with Kakamu being assimilated and Trantoshen having to flee.

Trantoshen later returned to free his father from Borg control, and did so by blasting all of the Borg technology off his face. They escaped in a hurry, quickly teleporting to random co-ordinates. Kakamu was separated from his son and ended up on a deserted planet filled with parasitic fluff. He could tell from this chain of unfortunate events that his time alive was almost up. Before all hope was lost, he was rescued by Ynot and given shelter for a while on the Ironclad. During his time here, Blackout was again up to no good in a giant robot body fashioned from the remains of Darkmount. Determined to destroy Blackout and achieve his destiny before he died, Kakamu took an energy amplifier from the ship and teleported in front of Blackout in his giant robot body. In his final moments, Kakamu shouted "I'M GOING NOVAAA!!!" and poured all of his remaining energy into the amplifier, which amplified it and shot it at Blackout's head. Blackout's head was destroyed by the energy blast, and Blackout was forced to inhabit his original body again. Dying and floating in space, Trantoshen appeared at his father's side and listened to him speak his final words: "I have completed my destiny...". With that his second body died, and his original consciousness with it.

Kakamu's sacrifice was not as he intended, because Makuta Blackout survived the attack. But at least he still stopped him from conquering the universe... for the time being.

Resurrected... again[edit]

Remember how Kakamu's consciousness was duplicated while inside Trantoshen's mind? Well, this later enabled him to be brought back into the universe once his consciousness had been separated from Trantoshen's by the crew of the Prophecy. They intended to resurrect him to use him against their enemies as he was known for being a great warrior. As such, they created a new body for him made of rare Biometal, and molecularly bonded his consciousness to it via an extremely painful procedure. Upon awaking from this, he found he had brief amnesia and blasted a hole in the ship, escaping by jumping out and crashing into the planet below. Because of his shock-absorbent new form, no physical damage was done and he ran around for a while, confused. Trantoshen went after his father and helped restore some of his memories, particularly the ones before he went down evil paths.

The Uterio War[edit]

At the start of the Uterio War, Kakamu was requested by Klak to join the Rebel Alliance. Seeing this as an opportunity to redeem himself, he joined and fought in several of the wars on the side of good. Following the Battle of Corrantia, he was framed for treason by the ZFT, and TPK exiled him to Tatooine. There he met Boris Johnson, and learned of an entity called the Dead Mind, which terrorized the denizens of Tatooine. Kakamu was kidnapped by the Dead Mind, and discovered that it was actually Ewen, under the control of a creature called Trixalis. He defeated Ewen/Trixalis, and then was found by Trantoshen and Starscream. Starscream used Vorahk-Kah's staff to claim Kakamu's Kraata powers, and disappeared, leaving Kakamu alone with his son. They made it off the planet, and eventually got to Malchior IV. They briefly participated in the Battle of Omega Supreme, then vanished.

Family Exile[edit]

Following the catastrophic scale of events of the universe-wide war, Kakamu decided to take his son, Trantoshen, and two assistants Muta and Mocax, to a planet far far away... within a hundred light years away from the Dark Zones at the edge of reality, even. Upon landing from orbit, Kakamu drilled a hole into the ground of the assumed-deserted planet and built a new lab a couple of miles underneath the surface. Kakamu allowed Trantoshen and Mocax to travel to the surface to negotiate with the planet's inhabitants, but their alien appearance meant that they were worshipped as "arena gods" instead. They agreed to fight in the arena against various deadly creatures in return for loot. In one of these fights, their opponent was the Zahgargak, which they managed to defeat. They found two Toa corpses in its stomach, and took their masks and armour as their rewards. Upon taking the bodies back underground to the lab for analysis, they found the Spear of Fusion on the back of one, which surprised Kakamu. However, he was most shocked at finding out what their opponent was, and considered moving planets again. Immediately after, however, Muta detected a signal of Great Being origin coming from Archon-7, and Trantoshen insisted on going to investigate himself so Kakamu let him. Then, Muta also picked up another signal, this one coming directly from Malygos. The mage announced that he had ascended to becoming a being of pure magical energy, and that he may now be addressed as the "Emperor of the Universe". Kakamu recognized the voice and contemplated what to do before eventually deciding that he would wait to see how he would "prove it" before getting involved.

Return from Isolation[edit]

Once Malygos had proved it by crippling Blackout and exiling him to the Forest of Lights, Kakamu decided to inform Muta that he was leaving to team up with former Rebel Alliance members to see what could be done about Malygos. Before he could though, he was telepathically summoned to the Cabana Prime to do just that by Ynot. There he met Sasuken and Trixitin for the first time, as well as Kurenitsu and Vultran when they arrived on the ship shortly after. Trixitin used graphs and illustrations to explain to Kakamu exactly how Malygos had "ascended", and what it could mean for the rest of the universe. Klak arrived with Quolas too, and Kakamu expressed his relief at discovering that his old Makuta ally was still alive. After the two had caught up, Kakamu requested that they be flown to Lotcas, as he suspected that a few old allies had since taken up residence there. When the Cabana Prime arrived in the planet's orbit, Klak and Kakamu flew down to the surface and landed in the middle of a jungle. A group of animated tribal cacti pointed spears at them, but lowered them when they realized it was Kakamu, and that Klak was his guest. The two warriors followed a path until they came at a crossroads. Kakamu took the left path to an old shack, Klak took the right path to a guarded cave. Once inside the shack, Kakamu was attacked by Micros, who initially didn't recognize him either. Micros called for Masaharu, and the Chenyromas entered through the window. Kakamu explained that he wanted to recruit them into a team, which Klak named the Claws of the Phoenix, and Micros agreed on the condition that Kakamu help them investigate a suspicious cave at some point. Kakamu promised he would, but after the two came with them to fight Malygos.

The Search for Answers[edit]

Seconds later, they felt the universe restore to balance, and its ambient magic restored to its rightful places. Unfortunately, an equal threat rose up to replace Malygos: Mazkertis, a time-changing wizard from the Dark Mirror Universe who sought to rewrite history without its heroes. Quolas informed them of this, and requested that they all come through a spacial tear to his fortress, where he could retrieve some artefacts to help them stop Mazkertis. They all agreed, and went to his fortress, where Quolas combined an artefact with the Orb of Summoning to summon Mazkertis. Sure enough, he arrived, and the Claws did battle with him. During the battle, the wizard drained the majority of Kakamu's powers, leaving him only with the power of fire. He also destroyed the artefact and left, leaving the Claws to come up with another plan. They decided to split up; Klak, Quolas and Etende would go to Malchior IV to inform the president of Mazkertis' intentions while Kakamu, Bob, Micros and Masaharu would return to Lotcas to investigate the cave.

When Kakamu ventured into the cave on Lotcas, it became increasingly clear to him that it was actually some kind of some secret testing facility, evidenced by the scientific equipment and Agrippa guards. When they were seen by the Agrippa, they sounded an alarm and the facility was quickly evacuated of all personnel, but Kakamu did get a glimpse at who they were: the Kestora. He also found an electronic notebook one of them left behind, which contained the co-ordinates of their current destination. Klak called a space taxi so that Kakamu could follow the co-ordinates, and Lalli Cain arrived as a result of the transmission to offer them a lift. When entering the co-ordinates on his ship's computer, they turned out to be the co-ordinates of the Red Star. Kakamu left for the star with Lalli, Bob, Micros, and Masaharu. When they arrived in the orbit of the star, they received a transmission from Mocax, who was being rather cryptic and saying that he was bringing them in so that he could talk to them. That happened, but they was then ambushed by the Toa Nuva, who's appearance caused Mocax to flee. Kakamu and co. briefly fought them, but stopped as they realized they were not enemies, and the Nuva explained that everyone on the star had died when Blackout disassembled the Matoran Universe and turned it into Darkmount. However, before Kakamu could proceed further into the star in search of Mocax, they were all attacked by some Baterra. They decided to stand their ground at first, but Kakamu's biometal form was melted by some kind of sonic weapon so Lalli, Bob, Micros and Masaharu and the Nuva all jumped into Lalli's ship, opened the hangar bay doors and got the hell out of there. Kakamu spent the next day or so on the Red Star in liquid form.

Escaping Earth[edit]

Muta managed to rescue him at some point, and teleport to the location of the other Claws at their camp on Malchior IV. Quolas asked him, D-Klak and Nadle to go back to his fortress to find out who had broken in, so they obliged. After exiting the spacial tear they ran into the "Others" from LOST™, the hit ABC TV series, almost immediately. It was revealed that Quolas' fortress was actually located on the Island from the same series, and that he taken advantage of the island's unique temporal properties to store various powerful artefacts there. The Others, led by Ben Linus, demanded to know why Quolas had sealed himself inside, and he replied that he didn't trust them with the artefacts he stored there. Kakamu informed them that they had fought Mazkertis there only a day or so ago, and that he would return unless the island was moved. Ben didn't believe them at first, but after Quolas showed him the disastrous effects that changing time has, he agreed and allowed D-Klak to use an ancient wheel on the island to move it to a different time period: 1985 AD.

Kakamu then left the island with Quolas and Nadle in search of D-Klak. They discovered that he had been teleported to Tunisia, so they went there via Quolas' method of transportation. They found him, but also ran into Mike and Dave, two humans who worked for a shady organization monitoring the exit point of the island. Conveniently, said organization's camp nearby also contained a Stargate, so they set off after it because Quolas was feeling tired. When they got there, Mike and Dave's superiors refused to grant them access to the Stargate, so Kakamu became exasperated. He knew that they were running out of time, so he killed the man and ordered Quolas to start dialling Malchior IV. He did so, and once the wormhole was established, Quolas powered up Kakamu with his ice power and the Makuta froze everyone in the tent who wasn't Nadle or D-Klak. They then left through the Stargate and found themselves in a heavily-guarded room on Malchior IV. D-Klak tried explaining that they were friends of Major General Klak, but it was not to be believed, so Quolas summoned much of his remaining energy to open another spacial tear to the Claws' camp site where they all jumped in and ended up at.

When they appeared at the camp, Kakamu was welcomed back, and in a good mood until he saw Nadle speaking to David Robert Jones, one of the leaders of the ZFT, the organization that had framed him for war crimes he didn't commit. When the others walked onto Lalli's ship to depart for Saskana, Kakamu slammed Nadle against the wall and demanded to know why he was speaking to Jones. Nadle explained that he had been collaborating with the ZFT leader on a way to stop F-Klak from rising, as foretold in the ZFT book. They were broken up by Klak, and Kakamu reluctantly agreed to work with Nadle in defeating Mazkertis, as long as DRJ was not too closely involved. They got on the ship to Saskana, but DU Monarch appeared on the ship mid-flight and teleported Kakamu to the UG, where he would "meet his master".

BZPB: Future[edit]

In the RPG that takes place approximately 100,000 years after the Mazkertis Paradox arc, Kakamu is reintroduced as an insane recluse, without any family or friends present to support him anymore. He built a base on a desolate planet somewhere in the universe, which houses a wide variety of useful and not-so-useful artefacts from ancient civilizations, including the Spectral Daran. Believing there was a cataclysmic war on the horizon, he used several pieces of technology in his possession to punch a hole in the fabric of reality, allowing him entry to the Eternal Universe to ask the Upholders of the Eternal Vow for help. The Upholders were shocked at his careless disregard for both the fabric of reality and the peace of the Eternal Universe, so Kakuma and a few soldiers travelled through the rip to apprehend him. Kakamu and his counterpart had a short fight, which ended with Kakamu being beaten to the ground by his opponent's gauntlets. Kakuma read out a long list of his counterpart's failures, and prepared to take him back to one of his reality's many prisons, but was interrupted by the arrival of Blackout in a shuttle. Blackout quickly dispatched of the Eternal following a skirmish, and asked Kakamu for his help against F-Klak and Ynot.

Confused, yet excited that he had a chance to get back into current affairs, Kakamu agreed to help his old enemy. Three of Blackout's comrades accompanied them (Dreadwind, Darkwing and BoM Master) to Kakamu's base. Realising that he had not built a door for it, he teleported them inside and lit up the complex. The Spectral Daran was awoken by this kerfuffle, and after noticing Blackout's observation of it, it explained to him that the mask had melted Kakamu's mind after many millennia of being directly exposed to its passive effects. It did this intentionally, as it had observed Kakamu in many different realities, and had decided that this reality's Kakamu was becoming too dangerous to be allowed to be left to his own devices. However, as F-Klak and Ynot were becoming equal threats, the Daran informed Blackout that there was a chance to restore Kakamu's original consciousness by tracking down the Kestora through Klak.

The group of five departed the planet for the Sabre. Shortly after leaving the shuttle, Ynot attacked it with the intention of fighting Blackout one-on-one. Kakamu found himself helpless in the situation until he was possessed by some sort of strange energy, which flew out of the Sabre in his body and attacked the two in space. Eventually, whatever was possessing him vanished, and Kakamu found himself drifting away, dreaming of a strange purple figure in a suit with a briefcase.

Meeting with Telemecus[edit]

After the dream, he awoke knowing what to do next. He flew through space, stretching his body to reach supersonic speeds, until eventually his biometal was so strained that he lost consciousness and crashed into a nearby planet. When he woke up again, he floated up out of the crater and explored his surroundings, finding himself in a field of grass with a curved golden castle ahead. He was soon knocked out a third time by a blast of sonics fired by a golden robot in front of him.

When he came to, he was sitting at a wooden table in a traditional kitchen. Several cabinets were mounted on the walls, as well as beautiful paintings of several areas in the universe. After he had spent a few moments admiring them, strange figure entered the room, accompanied by two golden robots who looked identical to the one who had knocked him out earlier. The figure introduced himself as Telemecus, and stated that he had anticipated Kakamu's arrival. Kakamu told him that he was on his way to meet with Jale, but Telemecus said that the mercenary was away on a mission and would not be back any time soon. Instead, Kakamu was there to receive help on how to reclaim his former brilliance. Telemecus led him into a garage and briefly trained him in combat before the legendary teacher realized that Kakamu's condition was worse than he had previously thought. Telemecus accidentally informed Kakamu of the death of his son, Trantoshen, and left the room to get something. In his absence Kakamu was shocked that he had forgotten about his son, and burst into a fit of rage. The golden robots present raised their spears in a warning, but he mistook them as a threat and swiftly destroyed them all with a wide range of elemental powers. Kakamu fell to his knees and wept after his outburst.

Before Telemecus came back and discovered the carnage, Stollercon appeared and introduced himself to Kakamu. The AI informed him that he was here to help and he would help him reclaim his original datacenter. When Telemecus re-entered the room to give Kakamu a flight plan to the datacenter, Stollercon stayed behind Telemecus in order to avoid detection. When Telemecus left again, Kakamu climbed onto one of the Rocket-Launcher Motorbikes with the intention of flying off to find his original datacenter with Stollercon instead of his teacher. Stollercon bonded with the ship's systems, and the two immediately left through the garage roof on the vehicle and soared off into space.

Quest for the Datacenter[edit]

After a while, they arrived in the orbit of Slizeros where they encountered its watchmen, the leader of whom was named Sizzler. As the planet was a war zone, the Slizer would not allow them entry. Stollercon eventually annoyed him enough to destroy the planet's artificial shell, allowing them entry and challenging the two to doom the planet more than it already was. Kakamu knew that they had to enter the Slizer annex in the North Pole, which is where he might find the datacenter, so Stollercon piloted the ship in that direction. When they arrived at its door, they found that they were being chased by several bikes on the horizon. After Stollercon hacked one of the bikes and caused it to crash, Kakamu noticed that the bike was a combination of bike and Slizer. This caused him to become even more enraged at the Kestora, and kicked down the door to the annex after sweeping away the rest of the bikes with a whirlwind. After finding his way through the complex with his holographic ally, he came across a trail of corpses which led to the datacenter. As he knelt down to examine the Kestora corpse, he plucked out and recognized the crescent blade that was lodged in its abdomen. Panicking, he ran into the datacenter, and found the body which the blade belonged to... a very old friend, Mocax. He took a stone tablet intended for him from the corpse while Stollercon started up the ancient machine and found Kakamu's relevant files inside. Without further ado, Kakamu was linked up to the machine and his memories were restored in a painful process.


Trantoshen is Kakamu's own flesh and metal: Kakamu's "son" is actually a clone of one of his earlier forms; specifically, when he was a Toa of Fire. Kakamu sees Trantoshen as the embodiment of his hopes and dreams for the future, and as such, constantly projects them onto him. Trantoshen doesn't mind this, however. He knows he has a lot to live up to, but just like his father was when he was his age, he is keen to rise to the challenge. Trantoshen loves Kakamu, but is sometimes frustrated by behaviour that he thinks is smothering him. Kakamu only acts this way because he is unsure if Trantoshen shares his immortality, and would prefer not to find out. However, Kakamu is starting to come to terms with the fact that he cannot protect his son forever, and can only hope for the best for him.

Kakamu has also formed a strong friendship with Klak, a Malchiorian hero with similar qualities and goals. Kakamu was introduced to Klak at the start of the Uterio War, where the latter requested the former's help against the armies of the Great Beings. Klak and Kakamu fought together in several battles during the war, gaining shared experience and forming a strong bond of trust. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Kakamu was one of the first recruited into Klak's Claws of the Phoenix to fight against the looming threat of Mazkertis. Despite his overwhelmingly positive opinion of Klak, Kakamu has noticed a darker side to his character, as pointed out to him by Nadle. However, Kakamu remains confident that Klak's light will triumph over his darkness at the end of the day.

The next most significant relationship Kakamu has is with Blackout, the leader of what once was the Brotherhood of Makuta. When Kakamu worked for the Brotherhood, he was one of Blackout's most valued subordinates, taking on the position of Chief Scientist. However, that came to an end when Kakamu decided to leave the Brotherhood to return to being a do-gooder. Blackout took Kakamu's betrayal personally, and has attempted to get violent revenge on several occasions. Although sometimes absent during Blackout's universal-takeover attempts, Kakamu does not ignore Blackout's power, and knows that they will inevitably meet again. Kakamu does not actually harbor ill feelings towards Blackout, but accepts him for what he is and how the Great Beings made him; however, he will not allow Blackout's ambition to jeopardize the safety of the citizens of the universe.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Kakamu as a Toa (credit to RebelToa of Brickshelf)

In the different forms he's had during his life and rebirth, Kakamu has always had a different selection of powers.


When he was created by the Kestora as a Ta-Matoran, he was only slightly resistant to fire.


When he was a Toa of Fire, he could create, control and absorb the element, as well as use the powers of any Kanohi mask he was wearing.


After he turned himself into a Makuta he found himself able to access all 42 Kraata powers. He kept the Kanohi Daran, the mask of confusion, to wear.


When he took Formula 223 to try and turn himself back into a Toa, it went wrong and while he gained his fire powers and his Toa form back, his antidermis was still inside his body, which still had access to the Kraata powers when freed. In this form he considered himself to be halfway between a Toa and a Makuta, so a "Toakuta".


When he gave up most of his life force to destroy a swarm of Parasitic Fluff, he turned into a Turaga-Makuta, or "Turakuta". While in this form he still had the same powers as before, but they were severely weakened. For example, he could click his fingers and create a flicker of fire similar to lighting a match, he couldn't generate much more than that. He also retained the ability to produce nova blasts, but using one killed him.


His biometal form is ultra-shock absorbent and he can change it into any shape he wants, though because it is made of a limited amount of biometal, size is a restriction. In this form he is normally about seven feet tall and can absorb any elemental or energy-based attack used against him for future use, except for sonic attacks, which disrupt his biometal's cohesion. His body can be compared to a battery, able to store massive amounts of power to be released at a time of his choosing. However, because he can't always remember what powers he has assimilated, he can't use all of them.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • In the Shattered Mirror Universe, Kakamu was created as a Makuta instead of a Matoran. He was the leader of that universe's Brotherhood of Makuta, with Ynot being his deputy, and was perceived as having homicidal tendencies. He arrived in the Original Universe via the original Shattered Mirror with a legion of warriors with the intention of establishing a new home for his people there. It didn't succeed.
  • In the Dark Universe, Kakamu appears to have been a Toa-Makuta who absorbed several other beings to gain power. This version of Kakamu is even more bloodthirsty than his SMU counterpart, and twice as strong. He entered the universe via a rip in the Void created by scientists at Side 8, and went on a rampage, killing Vorahk-Kah as he continued his bloody exploration. He ended up on a black, rocky planet, and allied with SMK to cause further chaos.
  • In the Eternal Universe, Kakamu is quite the opposite of the aforementioned versions of himself, being a noble guardian of reality and the quality of life of its inhabitants. However, in the far future he will become corrupt, and break his own rules. He is also called "Kakuma".
  • In the Retelling Universe, Kakamu is a Makuta and the Chief Scientist of the Brotherhood. Due to the differences in this universe's timeline, he will likely not attempt to return to his former life as a Toa.
  • In the Reborn Universe, Kakamu is of an alien species called the Tekkui. He lives on the moon of Nil'nara with his son and his estranged mate Parati.


  • "I'm not allied with Blackout anymore. In fact, I could use a little help against him."

Kakamu talking to Malygos just before he was warped in-between dimensions.

  • "I have completed my destiny..."

What Kakamu said before his final natural body died.


"Reply: Available data indicates that no individual with the name 'Kakamu' has ever been known to die permanently."
  • Kakamu has been swept out to sea, had his armour destroyed, was caught in the explosion of a planet, teleported into the middle of a Parasitic Fluff swarm, has been super-punched in the back of the head, used up all of his life energy in a Nova Blast, and still cannot be erased from existence. The reason for this is unknown. The same seems to apply to his alternate universe counterparts.
  • The event in which Toa Kakamu did battle with Zev Raregroove was his first ever appearance in the pages of BZPB, way back in 2008.
  • Kakamu's name came from the BIONICLE Mask of Speed, the Kanohi Kakama. Kon literally just changed the "a" at the end to a "u".