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Skyus Magna.png
Skyus Magna before its destruction.

The Unireverse is a bizarre parallel universe where many things are the opposite of their equivalents in the Original Universe.


Most of the history of this universe is unknown, but due to VMT calling it the "oppisite dimintion", this universe became known as the Unireverse. According to VMT, its version of Zev Raregroove is an evil warlord and has seized power where Blackout failed to in the BZPB Multiverse. Blackout still exists in this dimension, but he is known as Wipeout and has significantly less resources than his OU counterpart, as well as being an enemy of both Vez and VMT.

The Toa Yerta from the OU once fell into a plothole which led to the Unireverse, where they encountered Metax on Skyus Magna. He gave them a ride on the Dornatus V9, which when drove into another plothole that led back into the OU again.

When the Blackout of the OU activated the Pandorica, Skyus Magna was destroyed along with every other alternate version of Bara Magna.


  • Skyus Magna (Destroyed by the Pandorica)

Known Inhabitants[edit]

  • Vez Evoorgerar
  • VMT (Formerly, left to the OU)
  • Wipeout (Formerly, left to the OU)
  • KMT (Formerly, left to the OU and banned)
  • Metax (Formerly, left to the OU)
  • Kiree (Presumed dead after the destruction of Skyus Magna)
  • Rhanu (Formerly, left to the OU and killed)