Takanuva's World

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Takanuva's World

Takanuva's World is an alternate universe where Takanuva fought Blackout after the Makuta took over the Matoran Universe.


Like many other universes in the BZPB Multiverse, Blackout had taken control of the Matoran Universe. Takanuva appeared and fought him in a last-ditch attempt to stop his evil plans, but was impaled on the Master Sword and killed.[1][2]


Known Inhabitants[edit]


  1. Takanuva (revision on 09:54, Oct 28, 2011): "In an alternate reality, Blackout had taken over the Matoran Universe. In a last-ditch attempt to stop him, Takanuva engaged the Makuta in battle, but was impaled with the Master Sword and killed."
  2. Blackout (OU) (revision on 16:03, Jun 01, 2012): "In YET another universe, Blackout killed Takanuva using the Master Sword when the Toa attempted to fight Blackout in a last-ditch attempt to stop the Makuta's plans."