Project D

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Project D

Known Affiliates

Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat,
Dreis Bright,
Damian Lewis

Goals and Aims

Protection of the known universe from superpowerful beings

Project D (for "Defense") is an organization dedicated to predicting and combating great threats to the universe. It was founded in the aftermath of the Uterio War, by impassioned survivors of the conflict who were committed to never let such an atrocity occur again.

Project D is only a support group for those who wish to oppose beings on the magnitude of Uterio di Armechio, as it is composed of everyday human members who wouldn't stand a chance. Instead, they rely on an extensive intelligence network designed to predict and monitor these threats as they occur. Then, their information is relayed to those able to do something about those threats. Project D lacks the funds or capacity to produce ships or weapons on the scale needed to combat the atrocities they hope to present, save for a few prototypes. However, they maintain an extensive network of safehouses, hidden funds and political connections which allow them to assist in weakening or neutralizing the conventional components of a threat - namely, the enemy's hidden funds and political connections, as well as any conventionally-powered beings they have drawn to their cause, such as politicians or military leaders.