Reborn Universe

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Reborn Universe

The Reborn Universe is the reality in which BZPB Reborn takes place. Unlike most of the rest of the multiverse, the Users do not meddle with the happenings of this universe.


~10,000 BR[edit]

3582 BR[edit]

1500 BR[edit]

  • The estimated date that the Dachori Empire (better known as the Rider Empire) collapsed. Some historians place its fall at a much later date, when the last Rider warlord was defeated. However, this year is commonly seen as the exact political fall of the Dachori state in of itself.

58 BR[edit]

21 BR[edit]

17 BR[edit]

5 BR[edit]

  • Sefer Yetzirah becomes Emperor of the Takemikazuchi Empire.

2 BR[edit]

  • Long Shortman becomes Prime Minister of the Takemikazuchi Empire.

0 AR[edit]


Notable Inhabitants[edit]

For the full list of Reborn Universe natives, see the category.