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BZPB, formerly BZPower Battles, was a game in which players addressed each other in combative situations. It ran from March 31st, 2008 to March 26th, 2015 and was created by User:Heat and his friend, BZPower member king charvak.

Its plot was extremely complex, with a dozen sub-plots going on at any one time, but the basic premise was that a Makuta named Blackout had hatched a convoluted scheme to take over the universe. Story arcs were separated by major events (see below), which often included many characters uniting to achieve a common goal. Despite this however, all participation in "major events" was completely optional.

Over the years, the game has been hosted on several websites: BZPower, the previous BZPB wiki that was hosted by Wikia, and

Around March 26, 2015, it was decided that the game had gotten too convoluted and would be relaunched as BZPB Reborn. The universe that BZPB took place in, the Original Universe, still exists within the BZPB canon, but is now only explored through written stories such as The Mazkertis Paradox.

The Setting[edit]

BZPB primarily took place in the Original Universe, or OU. Despite it being called "multiverse", it is actually a single universe that was created when hundreds of other universes (most of them copyrighted) were fused together into one by a mysterious group known only as "The Users". The OU exists as part of a larger multiverse, which also contains many different versions of the OU; some with different versions of history, some with different versions of characters, and some that are just too bizarre to explain. These alternate universes were occasionally visited in the RPG, but the story stayed inside the OU 95% of the time.

Despite the OU containing elements of fiction from hundreds of other works, many elements of the story such as certain characters, species, planets and empires were completely original.

As well as universes, several dimensions were integral to BZPB lore. In BZPB, the difference between universes and dimensions was that while universes contained stars, planets, other celestial objects and (mostly) conformed to the laws of physics, dimensions needed none of that. When a character entered a dimension instead of a universe, their physical form changed to fit the rules of the dimension. For example, the Infernal Planes contain heat, and also consciousness, but the only vessel for said consciousness is heat, so if a character from a universe were to enter the Infernal Planes, they would exist only as heat until they left the dimension. Dimensional natives such as Mephistroth often found themselves taking on a three-dimensional, physical form when entering a universe instead of staying as the form they were in before, which was very jarring.

Universes Mentioned in BZPB[edit]

  • The Original Universe - Where 95% of the original BZPB RPG occurred.
  • The Shattered Mirror Universe - A parallel universe in which many characters were created differently, have reversed powers, or are generally bad.
  • The Dark Universe - A parallel universe which has been ravaged by unending, pointless war since its creation.
  • The Eternal Universe - A parallel universe where the main characters hold shared power that they rule the universe with.
  • The Unireverse - A bizarre universe where almost everything is reversed. An example of this is VMT.
  • The Crimson Mirror Universe - A parallel universe that alternate versions of Zev and Namah came from. Little is known about this.
  • Uterio's World - A universe split off from the Original Universe at the end of the Uterio War, which in this one, the rebels lost.
  • The Dark Mirror Universe - BZPB's version of a universe that is part of BIONICLE canon. D-Klak and Mazkertis come from here.
  • The Warhammer 40kverse - BZPB's version of the Warhammer 40,000 universe is the home of Osseron and many of his friends.
  • Ynot Risen Universe - A universe where Ynot defeated Blackout, and ruled the Matoran Universe.
  • Ynot Fallen Universe - This universe was once part of the YRU, but became a splinter timeline when the Icarus satellite weapon was stolen by Blackout. Wishing to know where it went, Ynot followed its signal across the multiverse until he found its thief, Blackout of the OU. Ynot attempted to use the Icarus to destroy him, but was killed by an antimatter beam, which was part of a failsafe mechanism Blackout had since built into it. Due to Ynot's death, the Blackout of the YFU may have since regained control.
  • The G.E.N. Universe - A universe which is home to the Galactic Enforcement Nexus, a universe-wide police force with unlimited man and firepower. The Blackout of this reality was apprehended and tried for war crimes. However, he was saved by the primary-universe Blackout, and used to power the Conduit in addition to eight other Blackouts.
  • Takanuva's World - A universe where Takanuva, the legendary Toa of Light, was part of the events leading up to Blackout's conquest of the Matoran Universe. Unfortunately for him, he was impaled on the Master Sword by the megalomaniac when the Toa attempted to fight him in a last-ditch attempt to stop his evil plans.
  • Blackout's World - A universe where Blackout invaded Earth, and fought Ynot on top of a large skyscraper. This apparently ended in Ynot's death. Since nobody else was powerful enough to challenge him, it is assumed he gained control of Earth soon after.
  • The Timeless Universe - A universe where the Vahi Cube never existed, meaning that Blackout had no way to take control of the Matoran Universe without inciting the wrath of the Five Kings. He found he was unable to advance his plans, until he detected Caiaphus floating in interdimensional space. Sensing that he had great power, Blackout brought him into his universe and persuaded him to attack various islands that would result in a war between the Five Kings, thus distracting them and diminishing their resources while Blackout put his plan into action.
  • The Spyverse - A universe where Blackout hunted down and killed Zev and Ynot after Malygos forced Sasuken to act as a spy and lead him to Zev's base. Malygos also beheaded Sasuken shortly afterwards, as his purpose was fulfilled. This massacre of important characters changed this universe's history in ways we have yet to understand.
  • English's World - A universe that LORD ENGLISH arrived in and killed some of its most important residents.
  • Jack's World - A newly-created universe that Jack Noir corrupted and destroyed before life could even form.
  • The UG - A pocket universe created by a Dark Universe inhabitant by the name of Monarch. Used to store inactive characters.

Many other universes that were not explored in this RPG also exist within the BZPB canon, such as the Pirateverse, Pokerverse and Reborn Universe.

Dimensions Mentioned in BZPB[edit]

  • Celestial Planes - A dimension (or a set of dimensions) that are/were home to angels such as Anzu.
  • Infernal Planes - A dimension (or a set of dimensions) that are/were home to demons such as Mephistroth.
  • Hueco Mundo - The home dimension of the Hollows takes the appearance of an endless white desert. Blackout and Ynot were sent here once by Shika as punishment for attacking BZPower, though they managed to escape through a breach in the fourth wall.
  • The fourth wall - A bizarre dimension where the usual laws of physics do not apply. Socah is its only resident.
  • "Internet Dimension" - The original home of BZPower and by extension The Users. However, the BZP planet has since been put into the OU, bringing the Users with it.
  • Chronospace - An empty dimension that exists outside of time. May or may not be the same thing as the Void from Doctor Who.
  • Sixth dimension - A dimension that acts as an extradimensional highway to make teleportation possible. May or may not be the same as Xen from Half-Life.
  • Realm of Shadows - A pocket dimension completely devoid of light that once served as the home of the Zivon. It is sometimes used by characters to store items.
  • Knowledge Dimension - A dimension filled with vast libraries that contain information on everything that ever happened, is happening, and will happen. May or may not be the same as this Wiki.


BZPB has a long and complicated history. The story began in early 2008, in a flame war known as the BVM war. There, two BZPower members, brutaka555 and king charvak, met. When the topic in which the flame war was taking place was locked, brutaka555 changed his name to Makuta: Master of Shadows, found a game called Endless Feud, and began playing it. Unfortunately, the people there were pricks, and accused him of god-modding whenever he did anything at all. This led him to call his old buddy Charvak, PM him with an idea for a game he had, and then go to bed. When MMoS woke up, he found that Charvak had started the game, called "BZPower Battles", and had gotten many people to play it. This was good, but MMoS quickly noticed that Charvak had twisted his original idea out of recognition, which wasn't so good (MMoS wanted to allow people to play solo or ally themselves into teams if they wanted to, whereas Charvak made being in a team mandatory). Since the end result wasn't actually that bad, MMoS stuck with it, and the game carried on, surviving many god-modders and flame wars, until a server problem caused BZP to lose six months' worth of posts. Even then the game carried on, with a plot explanation (Blackout using the Vahi Cube to rewind time by six months) given for the server wipe. Around this time, MMoS, who had by now become -Blackout-, suggested that a wiki be started for the game. This would prove quite useful in the future. A player by the name of "King of Nynrah" (who now goes by "Kon") created the first BZPB wiki on Wikia.

The game carried on, until, finally, on April 22, 2010, the topic was closed by staff member Friar Tuck. But this would not be the end of the game, oh no. It moved to the Wikia wiki, and there it stayed until a player called ({Insert pun here}) (you may know him better as Shroom) created a forum called, where the game continued for five years until it was decided it would be relaunched as BZPB Reborn.

Before BZPB Reborn even began, User:Klak created The Mazkertis Paradox, which was a serialized story aiming to wrap up the loose ends of the BZPB RPG. The Mazkertis Paradox (or TMP) was highly successful, managing to survive the demises of all the RPG attempts that came after it and into a new era when was rebranded as a "Collaborative Fiction" website. With three and a half contributing authors (Klak, Kon, Nif, and Zev) and 13 chapters so far, TMP continues to carry the legacy that the BZPB RPG began.


The game is divided into bits of story called story arcs, or as they are more commonly known as, sagas.

The arcs include:

Arc: End Battle:
Quest for the Master Sword
Hunt for Zev Battle of Judoon
Tidal Wave
Instability Battle of Zev's HQ
The Time Slip Battle of Destral
Desert Heat
Revelations Battle of Darkmount
Unending First Battle of Impel Down
Shadows Rising
The Pandorica Opens
The Uterio War Battle of Mordor
The New World Order
The Mazkertis Paradox

So far, most of the arcs have ended with epic battles, except for Beginning and Tidal Wave, which were never-ending battles, Quest for the Master Sword, which ended with a ceremony which Blackout unceremoniously crashed, and Collapse, which was pretty much the events leading up to the Time Slip, with, ahem... not much fighting being done.