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This article is about the multiverse that houses all of the BZPB universes. For the universe that used to be referred to as the "BZPB Multiverse", see Original Universe.

The BZPB Multiverse is the name of the multiverse that houses all the different BZPB universes, and separates them from universes that were created by other authors, such as the BIONICLE Universe or the Star Wars Universe. Universes in the multiverse are either created by the Users directly or are automatically created when characters make significant decisions that warrant the creation of an alternate universe in which the opposite decision was made.

For a full list of universes that exist in the BZPB multiverse, see the template at the bottom of the page.

The Exo-Force Universe and the Warhammer 40k Universe have also had minor appearances in BZPB, but it is not clear if these are also part of the BZPB Multiverse or part of different multiverses entirely.


The BZPB Multiverse was created by the Users a very, very long time ago. After feeling dissatisfied with Endless Feud, the Architect decided to create the BZPB Multiverse with a team of other Users from within their native internet dimension. A period of experimentation began, during which the Users created many different universes to inhabit the multiverse, and found that their favourite was the OU. Because the OU was made using copies of a multitude of copyrighted universes, it earned the title of "Multiverse". At some point, the world on which the Users lived inside the internet dimension was moved into the OU, and they found themselves being able to shape the world around them instead of the world in front of them.

In 150,082 CMT, User Sarge travelled back in time, outside of the OU and into the BZPB Multiverse and observed the OU's creation. While there, he also witnessed something horrifying nearby.

Universes contained within the Multiverse[edit]

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Universes & Timelines
Major Universes Original UniverseShattered Mirror UniverseDark Mirror UniverseDark UniverseReborn UniverseUnending UniverseSORAverse
Minor Universes Blackout's WorldCrimson Mirror UniverseDusefer's WorldEnglish's WorldEternal UniverseGEN UniverseHard Science UniverseHumaniversePirateversePokerverseRetelling UniverseRobin Hood UniverseSoulverseSpyverseTakanuva's WorldTimeless UniverseUnireverseUterio's WorldYnot Fallen UniverseYnot Risen Universe