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Niflheim is an amphibious being from an unknown universe who appears to have a connection to aquatic life in all its forms. His arrival in the BZPB Multiverse was seemingly the result of an accident that occurred during a battle in his own universe's Hell. His initial objective was to return home, but since then, he has gotten caught up in the affairs of some of the various characters of the Original Universe. At present, Nif has vowed to kill Mazkertis because of his willingness to erase many characters from the Original Universe's timeline, including some of the people who could help him get back home.



Niflheim is a mostly-humanoid being. His skin is white with a tint of light cyan or blue, and some blue marks, much like an iceberg. He has messy white hair, which is about 35 centimeters long, and always seems to be damp regardless of his environment. He is covered with a dark blue and white cloth/cape, that had been burned and torn. Beneath that, a pair of boxers, and a torn white shirt. He also has an unattached belt with bags on it.

He has bright blue eyes, like an ocean, with white slits, much like cats' eyes. He has some stubble, which is strange with the rest of his piscine form. He has claws on his webbed hands and feet, with suction cups on his hands. Spined fins protrude from his forearms, lower legs, and between his armpits. Oddly enough, he has some white hair on his body. Six gills are located in pairs on the sides of his chest. He also has an intricate tattoo on his whole body: A giant white and blue dragon with outstretched wings covers his body. Within the wings and around the dragon are sea creatures of various types: octopuses, nautiloids, fish, sharks, rays, serpents, leviathans, coral, barnacles, jellyfish, and many more.


Though he has no connection to The Heckler, Nif usually gives just as few hecks as the floating smilie. He is almost always completely stoic,


Early Life[edit]

Details concerning Nif's origin and backstory are scarce, but it is known that, before his appearance in BZPB, he had a number of adventures in an unknown alternate universe. He also had a familiar named Leviathan that he was coupled with. One day, he found himself in that universe's Hell and engaged in battle with an unknown opponent. During the battle, something happened that catapulted Nif through extradimensional space, severing his connection with Leviathan and causing him to crash into the BZPB Multiverse.

Arrival in Hell[edit]

When he came to his senses, Nif found himself in the Hell of the Original Universe. Nif's appearance in Hell did not go unnoticed, and he was approached by Bel, the prime consort of Mephistroth and Grand General of Hell's armies, who told him where he was and demanded to know what he was doing there. Nif told her of his battle in another Hell, and said that he would gladly leave if they provided him with a way out. Bel decided to take Nif to Mephistroth to see what could be done.

On the way to Mephistroth, The Heller bumped into Nif and Bel and began verbally assaulting them. Nif dealt with him by grabbing his flaming trilby and throwing it into the burning pits, so he ran off to get it. Unfortunately, The Heller followed them to the meeting and attacked them. Bel responded by stabbing him with a flaming spear, which seemed to be enough to get him to bugger off for the time being, allowing them to proceed with the meeting.

Mephistroth heard Nif's request, and, unsurprisingly, wanted something in return for this favor, but changed his mind when Nif showed that he had nothing to give. Mephistroth led Nif to another room and had Bel open a portal for Nif that she claimed led to a spaceport in the Original Universe. Just as Nif was about to enter the portal, The Heller reappeared. Mephistroth and Bel were so infuriated by him that they both attacked him at once, so The Heller bounced around the room in an attempt to dodge their attacks. The Heller eventually grabbed onto Nif's leg, which caused him to trip over The Heller and fall into the portal with him.

Journey into Mystery[edit]

Upon emerging from the portal, Nif's robe was set alight by the magical fire surrounding it, so he tore it off and tried to stamp out the flames. When he turned his attention to his surroundings, he found himself face to face with The Heckler. Nif was confused as to why there was a "living heck meme" in front of him, so The Heckler justified his presence by telling Nif that they were on Meme World. Their conversation was interrupted by The Heller, who emerged from the same portal and immediately accosted them both. Nif tripped The Heller up, so he summoned a knife and tried to attack Nif, but The Heckler disarmed him, so both of the 3D smilies started fighting each other instead. Nif couldn't bring himself to give a heck about their battle, so he grabbed what remained of his robe and jumped back into the portal.

Next, Nif found himself in Supermax F███ B█████. Upon realizing that he had once again failed to materialize anywhere useful, he banged his head against a nearby cell door in frustration. This caused the magical Hell energies that were still lingering on his body to trigger the door's switch, freeing the cell's occupant: Steven Pinker. Pinker told Nif his name and where he was, at Nif's request. The fact that Steven Pinker of all people was still alive in this galactic age confused Nif even more, so he decided to leave before he thought too much about it.

Nif's next destination was a warehouse on Saskana: the first world he had visited since his displacement that contained a thriving aquatic ecosystem. The moment he stepped from the portal, he was overwhelmed by

Battle of Saskana[edit]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Environmental Adaption - Niflheim can instantly adapt himself to any environment by altering his DNA to species he knows of. However, more extreme environments such as a Star's surface or a Gas giant would not work
  • Water Manipulation - Nif has a finesse control of water, enough to alter his DNA, control other living things, and instantly alter temperature of water to freeze, boil, or even turn to plasma with enough effort.
  • Portal Creation - With the help of Levi, Nif is able to open portals to locations he's already been. He mostly does this to unleash animals from an ecosystem as a form of attack, or gain water when none is around.
  • Simple Telepathy - Nif has limited telepathy, only useful for basic commands to water-based lifeforms.
  • Familiar Bond - Levi is bonded to Nif and they both are able to communicate telepathically and share powers.