Rider-Vrai Wars (OU)

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The Rider-Vrai Wars were a series of conflicts between the empires of the Dachori (better known as the "Riders") and the Vrai. Two of the conflicts escalated into massive wars, which cost trillions of credits and caused tremendous bloodshed on both sides. Other than the aforementioned empires, other factions, such as the Council of the Great Beings, played an external role.

First Rider-Vrai War[edit]

The First-Rider Vrai War began in Year 500, when the Vrai empire to clashed with the Riders. It lasted about 20 years, with vast death tolls on either side. The Great Beings supplied the Vrai empire with military aid (though the Vrai would betray them a century later). The Vrai tactically stole technology from the Riders during the war, quickly matching their capability. They then used their ingenuity to surpass the Dachori, forcing them into their home galaxy.

The war ended with a peace treaty that ensured that the newly liberated galactic cluster that surrounded the Dachori home-worlds would be untouched by the Vrai or Books LLC, a dangerous but benevolent force from Earth. In return, the Riders would only conquer 10 planets per decade of this cluster. For an army shattered by war, and a government near ruin, this seemed like a daunting task. However, by 20,520, they succeeded. The Vrai had focused on other affairs, meaning that the Riders could quietly defy the terms of the contract. The new regime within their empire, often called the "Second Dachori Empire", guaranteed their success in this endeavor.

Afterwards, a series of scattered skirmishes occurred between Vrai forces and Dachori forces, but no official war was declared.

Second Rider-Vrai War[edit]

The Second Rider-Vrai War began in Year 20,580. It would last about 13,000 years, resulting in innumerable costs and casualties. Generations on both sides lived and died knowing only war. Due to the Second Dachori Empire's boom in trade and military capability following recent conquests and diplomatic ties, they were able to become a match for the Vrai once more. No clear victor would be known until Year 33,580, when the Great Beings, Books LLC, and other factions intervened, helping them stem the tide. Other developments followed, and eventually the Rider forces were crushed and scattered. The remaining soldiers were enslaved, and planets that were under their jurisdiction either aligned with the Great Beings, became subjects of the Vrai Empire, or formed their own governments.

The Dachori Empires were lost to history. Only a few families had control of their remaining wealth.