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Nadle is an ancient Makuta and the creator of Caiaphus. He was once a member of the Apprentices of Caiaphus, but deserted the order when its leader asked him to kill Klak; he and Klak have stuck together ever since. He is now a member of the Claws of the Phoenix.


Matoran prehistory[edit]

Nadle was one of the first Makuta in existence. His primary function was to create Rahi and watch over the Matoran Universe. He also explored the creation of other Makuta to be his assistants. One of these was Caiaphus, who evolved from being a novice into a slightly deranged intellectual. Because of Caiaphus's horrifying actions and failures in the Vrai War, Nadle was forced to reject his creation, and vote in favor of his exile in the Brotherhood of Makuta's council.

Eventually, he receded into anonymity during the latter years of the war, as he was unable to stop it. Although Nadle privately supported Blackout's rebellion, he decided that it was best to leave the Matoran Universe for greener pastures elsewhere in the galaxy.

Joining Caiaphus[edit]

The Makuta eventually found himself becoming one of the members of the Apprentices of Caiaphus. He reached into dark powers he never knew even existed. Afterward, Nadle became a high ranking member of the order, one of his master's favorites.

Much later, he was sent to find Zev Raregroove when the Apprentices needed help with the Keruvim. Therefore, he helped Prudence fight off some enemies. Since she teleported away, he chased after her all over the universe, apparently infatuated with her. Nadle shook it off however, and fought alongside his comrades for a bit.

Nadle was forced to betray his comrade Klak when an enraged Caiaphus commanded him to kill the Makuta of light. After chasing him around, the apprentice went to Cthulhu, and received a plan to attract Klak: take over Malchior IV, and capture the Nynrah Ghost known as 'The Norman'.

He did so, and broadcasted a message for someone to capture the Makuta. Keichi heard the message, and captured Klak. However, instead of making a deal, Nadle created an army of insects, killing the Pirate's crew, and carrying him far away. He then engaged Klak in a fight. There was a period of evenly matched attacks, until Klak began to destroy Nadle's armor with light attacks. The light Makuta asked Nadle to concede, to prevent killing his friend, but the Apprentice of Caiaphus said he would die with his dignity. Nadle's antidermis escaped from the shattering armor, which was destroyed by a Toa of Fire.

Apparently, the antidermis caused a Skakdi apprentice to be extremely ill as it looked for a host. The creature died, and Nadle possessed him. Afterwards, he was interrogated by Gazille on which side he belonged. Our nobleman only responded by retorting his tire of life, and desire to right the wrongs the Makuta have started. He then continued his walk to where Zev, Caiaphus, and Klak were fighting. However, upon sensing a gathering of other Makuta, Nadle teleported away to that location, and later escaped when it was destroyed. He later teleported 553 away to a parallel world, and appeared with Zev, Wisp, TMV, an alternate version of Klak, and others.

A few skirmishes later, Nadle ended up fighting the Shattered Mirror version of himself.

A lot of events happened, and he found himself locked in combat with Caiaphus, possessing User 553's body. This conflict abruptly ended when The Fallen appeared, but after he was taken away by Primus, Nadle once again attacked Caiaphus, this time on a new world.

More stuff happened.

Uterio War[edit]

Some time later, Nadle helped D-Klak fight against Uterio's forces. He was one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance, and led countless troops to fight against the forces of darkness and enslavement. Nadle was present on Mordor when the Rebels were victorious.


Nadle joined with Klak to investigate the RacKoon City incident. However, he was led away from the brawl against the vampires by the newly rewired Baterra. HK-47 then trapped him in a ring of fire, where he fought against the evil Ultron. Surprisingly, Ultron defeated Nadle with little effort, knocking him unconscious.

Nadle spent the next few days recovering in the hospital and meeting people. He then assisted Klak in many adventures.


Nadle was one of the participants of Ragnarok. He survived the conflict, and obtained a new body. He met with David Robert Jones, and informed him that F-Klak was a clone all along. They also discussed Klak and F-Klak's importance to the timeline. Nadle questioned his loyalty to his friend, then found himself being taken to an alternate timeline.

Uterio's World[edit]

Jones and Nadle witnessed the horrors of Uterio's World, and fought alongside the resistance on Malchior IV. They eventually fought face to face with Uterio himself. The Rider taunted Nadle, telling him that he learned the truth about Klak's destiny, and destroyed him. Thanks to the combined efforts of Willy Wonka, Nadle, and Ferox, Uterio was destroyed once more (but not without a vicious battle). The Makuta returned with Jones to their home universe with scars both mental and physical.

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]


His age[edit]

Nadle said that he witnessed much of the Makuta's history. This means that he has outlived Caiaphus and Xintrix. D-Klak recognized him as one of the first Makuta in the universe. The reason he joined Caiaphus, however, is quite complex. Though he lusted for great power over darkness, somewhere inside of his heart he knew that his creation must be destroyed, before more lives are terminated.

Books LLC grabbed its belt and nodded at this decision.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Nadle has access to all 42 Kraata abilities. His favorites are gravity and power over insects. Nadle is skilled enough with a blade to get around, but he prefers not to dirty his hands with swords, unless absolutely necessary. He seems to be of a strong power level, but since he has a code of honor, he restricts himself from killing unless he has to do so.

He was once skilled enough to create his own Makuta by building their armor and infusing it with Antidermis (either natural, or an 'artificial' kind). However, after Caiaphus, he abandoned the practice entirely.

Alternate versions[edit]

  • In the Shattered Mirror Universe, Nadle was a lot less powerful, and was insane, as he believed the crystals of SM Klak's antidermis merited worship. This version of Nadle later joined forces with Caiaphus, but was killed by the main universe's Nadle.
  • On Uterio's World, Nadle led the armies of Malchior IV against Uterio when the Generalissimo's armies attacked the planet. However, he was lured into a trap by Jarvis and killed during the battle.
  • In the Reborn Universe, Nadle is a Malchiorian friend of Klak who accompanies him on his adventures.