Battle of Mata Nui II

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Battle of Mata Nui II
Unknown arc




Mata Nui II


Original Universe


Brotherhood of Makuta

Everyone else

Faction Goals

Activate the Conduit.

Prevent Blackout from activating the Conduit.

  • Legion of the Eclipse
  • The Brotherhood of the Sixth
    • The Sixth
  • The Random Ensign
  • Toa Catastras/Lonka

The Battle of Mata Nui II was a battle that took place between Blackout and the forces of many other people.


This battle took place when Blackout was attempting to activate the Conduit. Immediately, Caiaphus showed up and demanded to know what Blackout had done. Ta'harok then also showed up to stop Blackout, along with the Brotherhood of the Sixth. They were then surrounded by every single Makuta onboard Darkmount. Treveya then showed up with two other apprentices of Caiaphus, and Blackout knocked their weapons out of their hands. Treveya then threw shuriken of shadow at Blackout, which Blackout then slashed in half. While Blackout talked about his plan, Naju, Farpoint, Catalyx and the Random Ensign appeared, and Ta'harok gave a rousing speech. Blackout's response was to kill the Random Ensign by throwing the Master Sword through him.

Caiaphus then arrived, and ordered his apprentices to help Blackout, which they did by pointing their weapons at Ta'harok, who was now quite angry. Starscream and Vamprah then appeared, and started fighting Catalyx and Naju respectively. Catalyx deployed Ravage from his chest, and Starscream then blew him up. Naju deflected a lightning bolt at Vamprah, disassembling him.

Metax and the Toa Yerta then appeared, and Metax held his blade to Blackout's throat, apparently not realizing that this wouldn't be much use. Ta'harok then warped his team over to them, and the Toa Catastras showed up and helped. Farpoint tackled Blackout while everyone else smashed at him wildly. Ta'harok then fused with Farpoint, and the Brotherhood of the Sixth and the Toa Catastras also merged. They then got back to smashing Blackout, who blasted them all away with a shockwave and summoned the Legion of the Eclipse. Ta'harok then summoned the SMU Legion, which destroyed the LotE. Ta'harok then stabbed Blackout in the eye with the Shadow Scimitar, which Blackout then used against him. The scimitar then exploded, destroying Blackout's hand, and Ta'harok destroyed his other hand with energy magnums. The hands then grew back and Blackout locked Ta'harok in a time loop. Naju then freed Ta'harok. Malygos then appeared, calling himself "Luneth", with a message from the Great Beings, saying that they wouldn't allow the activation of the Conduit. Luneth and Ta'harok then began fighting, while Ta'harok also found time to attack Blackout.

Nosmilo, Kakamu, Trantoshen and the Bouncy-Ball then appeared.

Blackout then went and severely injured the Sixth, because JS was being god-moddy and wouldn't let anyone hit him. Ta'harok then started punching Blackout, and Blackout stabbed him in the chest and kicked him at Naju while Bonecrusher fired a sonic blast at Rabot.

Two Apprentices then merged into a Rahi-like creature and killed someone called Taha'rok with fireballs. Chikato then appeared and created an explosion over Ta'harok's head, causing some damage to his face. Blackout then threw a spear into Ta'harok's back, leaving him with a hole in his back. He then fell unconscious and Naju joined Blackout, killed Lonka and the Sixth, and then was ordered to dispose of Ta'harok. In the mean time, Bonecrusher kept on firing at Rabot. The Toa Yerta were then trapped in an illusion by Ewen. Naju then betrayed Blackout again, sacrificing his life energy to deactivate the Conduit. Blackout then stabbed Ta'harok again, and he died. The Bouncy-Ball then started firing at Blackout, but was rammed by multiple drone-ships. Ta'harok then came back to life, and was promptly decapitated. Blackout then rather stupidly kicked Ta'harok's head into a pool of energized protodermis, restoring his body. He then started teleporting around.

Chikato then joined Ta'harok in attacking a hologram of Blackout, and the real Blackout then decapitated Ta'harok again and started hitting his head with the Master Sword. Kakamu, Nosmilo and Trantoshen then set fire to everything. Blackout used fire resistance on himself, and then kicked Ta'harok's head at them. Lots of silly things then happened and Eclipse appeared and offered Blackout an alliance, while TBS healed Ta'harok. Nosmilo was then defeated and Blackout and Ta'harok went back to fighting, when an extremely tall Matoran started throwing knives at Blackout's enemies. Ta'harok then grabbed a knife and held it to the Matoran's head. The Matoran then turned out to be the Baterra, and the two started fighting. Sephiroth also appeared, and Ta'harok also started fighting him. Blackout then threw Ta'harok's head into a portal. It came back and landed on Blackout's head. Blackout did it again, and some robot spiders then appeared on Blackout's arm. He destroyed them with a black hole. Ta'harok's head then flew out of the black hole, but epicly failed to defy the laws of gravity and was sucked back in. A second Ta'harok then jumped out of Catalyx's chest, but was impaled by Brawl and decapitated by Blackout. Kakamu then left some Parasitic Fluff near Blackout, but Blackout just teleported it onto Kakamu's eyes. Metrotitan then appeared and everyone started fighting him.

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