Battle of Lantea

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Battle of Lantea
Unknown arc






Original Universe


Brotherhood of Makuta

Makuta Anima

Atlantis Expedition

Faction Goals

Destroy Ynot and take over Atlantis.

Defeat Blackout.

Maintain control of Atlantis.


Blackout escapes with Atlantis, then disassembles it and uses its parts to expand Darkmount.


The Battle of Lantea was fought in the skies above Lantea by Ynot and Blackout's respective ships and backup, and within Atlantis by Blackout. The space battle was a basic tug-of-war, Ynot disables shields, Blackout brings them up, Ynot goes around shields, Blackout does the same, etc., while the battle for Atlantis was quite one-sided.

In the end, Blackout ran away with both Darkmount and Atlantis, disassembled Atlantis, and used its parts to expand Darkmount.

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