Makuta Civil War

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The Makuta Civil War was a brief conflict that split the Brotherhood of Makuta into two factions, commanded by Blackout and Antroz respectively. It began a few months before the Battle of the Halves/Alternates, and ended just hours before said battle began.


The roots of the war go back to a conference on the Makuta Space Station, which was attended by a disguised Sasuken. While his disguise was soon dismantled by the crew of the Prat-kar, he managed to give a speech that persuaded several Makuta who were already having doubts about Blackout's leadership to break away. The rebel faction was led by Antroz, a prominent warrior and tactician.

Several battles were fought during the war, and Antroz was confident enough of his victory to attack Blackout directly. He led a fleet of three ships to attack Darkmount, Blackout's flagship. Antroz contacted Blackout prior to the assault to demand his surrender, but Blackout refused. He bombarded the ships with canisters containing antidermis-eating microorganisms, which infiltrated the ships and killed their crews. With the death of Antroz, the civil war ended.