Battle of Xia

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Most, if not all of, the posts in which the subject of this article appeared were lost in the Great Dataclysm.
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Battle of Xia
Unknown arc




Xia, Matoran Universe


The Dark Hunters organization is dismantled.


Brotherhood of Makuta

Dark Hunters-Helryx temporary alliance



The Shadowed One,

Faction Goals

Eliminate the Dark Hunters in order to ensure constant weapon deliveries from Xia.

Invade Xia in order to cut off the Brotherhood's weapon supply.


All Dark Hunters except Airwatcher, Vengeance and Voporak


The Battle of Xia was fought between the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Dark Hunters over the island of Xia. The leader of the Order of Mata Nui, Helryx, teamed up with The Shadowed One to cut off the BoM's weapon supply at Xia. The Dark Hunters attempted to invade Xia to achieve this, but were fought off. The entire Dark Hunters organization was dismantled as a result of this battle.

Due to the Great Dataclysm/Blackout using the Vahi Cube to reverse time, all detailed records of this battle have been lost.

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