Makuta-Agrippa War

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The Makuta-Agrippa War was a series of battles that took place between forces of the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Agrippa.


When the Fellowship of Kakamu was imprisoned onboard Darkmount, Muta called the King Agrippa for help. He apparently ignored this call for help, but 50,000 years later, when Blackout was rampaging across the universe destroying the homeworlds of the races who had beaten him in the First Battle of Impel Down, the Agrippa deemed him a threat, and sent three ships to attack his dreadnaught, the Twilight. These ships were quickly destroyed. The King, not to be deterred then sent five more ships, which were destroyed by a subspace disruption field. The Fellowship then stepped in and attacked the Twilight, but were sidetracked by a hall of mirrors.

Later, 13 Agrippa ships, commanded by the King Agrippa himself, attacked Darkmount. His fleet didn't stand a chance against Blackout's superior weapons, and the King's ship was captured. The King and some of his guards broke out of the ship and launched an attack on Blackout's forces inside the hangar bay, but the King was teleported away, leaving the troops leaderless.

The captured King was wired into a virtual reality by Blackout, and was ordered to fight its other captives. He was immediately crushed by the Zivon.

The now-angry Agrippa brought their full might to bear against Blackout. After choosing a new king, they sent a fleet of 20,000 warships to go after Darkmount, but said fleet was destroyed by a freak black hole. Blackout's fleet retaliated for the attempted attack by destroying the Agrippa homeworld of Linkit. The surviving Agrippa were understandably annoyed by this, and they attacked Darkmount for the umpteenth time. They managed to bring the city's shields down to 26% when 60,000 Nemesis-class ships attacked them. They began fighting, but then the Agrippa were forced to retreat when a Parasitic Fluff swarm appeared.

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